BTOG 269 – Good news: NPCs in this game are too strong!

April 3, 2023


NPCs in this game are too strong.

1: Tekchiri



2: Holic

What do you mean ‘yup’

3: Maja

Meteor rain lol.

4: Takato

NPC too friggin strong

6: Metamorph

Are you sure we can be that strong after we level up?

7: Ichikeroku Joe

We will be dead if we took even one shot.

9: Momosuke

Fire……fire everywhere!

10: Dedenne.

So this is what a nuclear explosion near the Dualis swamp looks like…

13: Blank.

The scale is too big…

14: Malkaite.

Is this thanks to Oni tribe trait or Sukuna ability?

16: Fortissimo

I wonder which part of this was good news.

17: Vermilioso.

The world’s strongest is literally the world’s strongest.

If flip it, doesn’t that mean it’s also means that this kind of enemy will be rare?

20: Sword

At least it’s not bad news.

22: Mirionea.

Um, Sukuna’s real life person is also the world’s strongest human being.

24: Leo Leo

That was a battle that showed that status number are more important than your player skill.

27: Yuriko

No no, that was proof that his own skill could overturn the hopeless gap to a certain extent.

28: Black Sand

Isn’t it against the rules for a person with copy ability to have the highest physical ability in the world, isn’t it? {he talking about Sukuna ability to learn any martial arts}

31: Turkmenistarion


It is a common pattern that a person with copy ability cannot trace a real genius because he/she lacks physical ability.

it was necessary since the copy abilities themselves is the strongest from the beginning.

32: Dorya

I can’t believe we’re playing the same game!

33: Takashi

I can do everything after seeing it once.

I like Sukuna-chan who relies on pure violence in the end.

35: Baseballology

It’s often said that martial arts and swordsmanship are useless against monsters, but against people, they shine the brightest.

38: yukisiro

If you think about it, this may be the first time I’ve ever seen NPCs fighting each other.

41: Saki

There’s not a lot of PvP in this game.

Does not matter to me though, because personally I think its boring.

42: Halberd

If I have to PvP against Sukuna, I’d probably cry.

I don’t think I’d be able to hit her.


What level do you think Melty is?

Or rather what’s the highest level of NPCs known right now?

48: Rapper W


Among those known, the Commander of the Kingsguard of the Merstive Empire should be over 700.

I also heard that there is a rival character to the knight commander in a kingdom across the continent or something.

50: Dedend

What is the Merstive Empire?

52: Exas


It’s a country that belongs to the city beyond Fias.

There are many NPCs who call Fias the imperial capital.

55: Dedend


Can people with communication disorder talk to NPC?

57: Exas


umm… (confused)


I’m pretty sure the Lady of the Holy City has level around 400.

She’s the only one in the world who can use some kind of revival power.

I don’t know if that’s really magic or if it’s an authority ability like Melty’s.

62: Melia, the sex woman.

If you can revive NPCs, that’s great, isn’t it?

The player has a revive option, so it’s not a big deal.

65: NK Tunnel.

We know from Melty’s statement that they are just a chunk of data inside a database.

I guess NPCs being revived is somehow similar to restoring backup files.

66: Memelon

Well, as long as the basic value that you can’t come back to life after you die is firmly rooted, I guess reviving saints and the like isn’t possible either.

71: Ringo-chan

Melty casually rains meteorites, and Kohaku-sama destroys them with her bare hands as if that was something natural.

And before you said that the NPCs is the problem, take a look at Sukuna that could moves at the speed of sound.

It’s war of Kaijuu.

73: Power Power Po

Kohaku said that Power Holder is a title that doubles base strength, but I wonder if all status-based titles are like that.

75: mol


That’s a matter of course I think?

Judging by the unintelligible firepower of magic, I’m guessing that Melty’s intelligence is the highest.

76: Marie

Kohaku was cool ……

77: Celtic People

I was really glad that Melty was on our side.

Although, we did have a conversation that seemed to have a lot of strings attached to it.

I guess she can’t do everything of her own free will.

80: Glorious.

Metaphorically speaking, she’s like acting GM.

And obviously, you can’t just let someone with administrative authority do whatever they want.

82: Patty

Although it is said that there is basically no disparity between races.

I find myself thinking that the Oni tribe is stronger than the other races at the moment.

85: Cesna


Rest assured, it’s an illusion.

Their demerit is very bad.

However, if you have a good magic defense item, they are as strong as any other.

86: Bardiche

Melty seems to be from ancestor vampire species.

But the player only has a lower-class bloodsucker so far…

88:Senpaku-ichi Uta-sen


Vampire species used to be the most powerful species, so they’re probably too powerful to be implemented as they are.

Also, players might be able to evolve someday.
I don’t know.

90: Memeron.

I thought that NPCs might be quite useful if you get them on your side well.

If it weren’t for Kohaku, Sukuna would have lost there.

Maybe they can be a helpful unit when the players can’t do everything on their own in the future.

93: Dorya

There’s foreshadowing  about a war-like event called the Holy War.

94: Garmata

If Kohaku wasn’t there, Melty probably wouldn’t have used truth magic in the first place..

96: Ancient Dotter

There’s no doubt that Sukuna is currently the top player among the players with her status.

Even so, she is still screwed over by the difference of status value, in the end this is a game world after all.

99: CMS

I’ve read about the last magic she used, [Death] in Fias’s library, and I’m pretty sure it says that it’s a forbidden magic that will instantly kills any opponent with a level difference of 200 or more.

I heard it doesn’t work on bosses and other resistant opponents though.

105: Tekchiri

Well, if the Knight Commander is over level 700, then Melty must really be over level 1000 or so.

I’m more curious as to why she used such a forbidden technique when she could have just shot Sukuna with a Fire or something like that.

111: Pugpipe.

If the strongest in the world today is this strong…

I’m curious how powerful Shuten Douji would have been during the War of the Gods.

113: Fatty

I knew there was something wrong with the Oni tribe….

117: Trident Sasaki

I know they say it’s a buggy world, but so far Sukuna is the only player who is at the mercy of the bugs, isn’t she?

119: Berumotsu

I wouldn’t say she’s at the mercy of the bugs, but rather she was tangled in the web of corruption that been developed around her.

121: Dr.

As for the [Furious Rage], it’s just coincidence that she had the aptitude for it.

125: Leopard lock


Right Aptitude at the worst place.

130: Pre-Ryu D

The developer main strategy is pretty solid, which is why Sephira is being released.

It would be great if ‘Lucky Man’ {player name} and his team could fill in some of the subroutes like the abandoned city at the lake bottom or the shrine of the end, which are probably NPC-related story.

PS: I’m also insanely jealous.

133: Tenkaichi

I honestly appreciate the information about how to break your level cap for special professions.

It’s a little sad to go to Sephira and then be told you can’t do break your level cap there.

140: Puroshuto

I wonder if I’ll be able to beat that thing someday~!

146: Melia, the sex woman


Melty herself has ridiculously high stats and a lot of magic skills, but she doesn’t seem to have the Player Skill that Sukuna has.

If they have the same level, stats, skills and equipment, Sukuna should have chance to win.

149: Garcia.

I don’t think we can apply the term ‘player skill’ to NPC behavior…

150: Toki Sick Me

I’m talking about how many years it would take to get as strong as Melty.

Even to get to level 100 you need minimum of 2 months for someone who’s dedicated enough to do it.

152: One Thousand One Hundred and One Poets

Honestly, I don’t think I’d want to fight NPCs because I’m enjoying just getting a little stronger and exploring the new city.

154: Marutan

As long as a breakthrough in leveling doesn’t happen somewhere, Melty will continue to be at her limit.
She’s just a helper NPC.

155: Old and New


I understand

157: Felt.

I don’t understand why NPCs don’t go out of their way to defeat the named bosses in this world.

Since there’s a sacrificial ring, wouldn’t they be able to win eventually if they have enough of them?

160: Power Force Po.


They’re different from us who can share dying experiences and patterns.

Even if there’s a substitute ring, dying doesn’t mean the battle is over.
Since after the number of rings determines the end, they have to be more careful.

167: Solaris.

There’s also the new problem is that the server split would means to opens up the possibility of NPCs being scattered all over the place.

I’m thinking something like you can’t see them on server B when they’re on server A.

181: Rina the Red Hat.


Unique NPCs are basically only on the main server.

The countless sub-servers that have been added this time are just for the sake of easy hunting and exploring.

Conversely, if you’re not receiving quests from unique NPCs, I think you’ll be more comfortable in all aspects if you use the subs.

185: Solaris.


Thanks for that info.

I guess I’ll just take it easy with the sub server then.

186: Betan

New players now seem to be more comfortable than in the early days.

189: Sword

But there’s been a lot of reports lately of people getting rare skills from NPCs through apprenticeship events, right?

That kind of thing has to be on the main server, right?

192: Mememe mememe mememeru

I don’t think you need to worry about it, because that kind of thing is just acquiring rare skills through unorthodox means.

Using Sukuna as example, she got [Oni no Mai] by being taught by Kohaku, but it can be obtained at Oni Village using normal route.

The only one of its kind at the moment is the [Trapper] skill since you need to find the roaming NPCs.

193: Teppen Himiko

Someone called?

195: Tendomushi

Teppimi, go home!

196: Reimaru

[Trap Master] more like trash master.

197: Lotus

You’d better get out of the Oni village.

199: Teppen Himiko

Suddenly cursing without provocation huh.

If I weren’t me, I’d cry already.

201: Chlorobenzene

By the way, Kokuyo, the chief of the Oni tribe, is always looking for new students, so when you get to the Oni village, you can ask her for help.

I train for 3 hours every day.

204: Tia

Where’s the Yousei village!

I thought you said it was around Zeronoa!

207: Trot

I also thought the elven forest was found on the road to Sephira.


The village of the Oni was also tied with a quest, so I guess we’ll just have to look for NPCs that giving such quest in Zeronoa.

209: Victoria King Butterfly


Go back to the forest! (Yousei tribe only forum)

211: Tendomushi

The Oni tribe’s special job was a pretty bad ass.

I wonder what kind of evolution will be achieved by the [Kyuseirei] of the fairy tribe.

215: (^ω^)


By the way, the Oni tribe is home to Shuten Douji, the former world’s most powerful God, who rules over the Wrath of the Seven Great Disasters.


While yousei tribe has Titania, the fairy queen, who presides over Sloth of seven great disasters.


So in the end, it’s all about seven great disaster!?

222: Armageddon

Maybe the special profession is not race-specific, but is related to the seven great disasters?

224: Tougufu

No, it’s supposed to exist for all races for now.

228: Memelon.

It’s difficult to say because some of them are grouped together, such as the beastmen, who have many individual traits but are classified as a single race.

237: Washer

The best thing about this battle in this game is that it doesn’t appear to hasten the fighting pace too much.

Melty, Kohaku, and the others share the same five senses as us.

I suppose there is a limit, but perhaps we should prioritize strength and intelligence over firepower.

239: Leon.

In PvP, you’ll be up against Sukuna, who runs across heaven and earth at the speed of sound.



If you’re going to have a serious PvP tournament, you’re going to have to average those things out somehow.

I don’t think I could beat Sukuna even if I had twice of her stats.

245: Squadron Red

I’ve learned from the battle between Melty and Sukuna is that, with Sukuna, any attack that can’t be avoided, even if it’s at the speed of sound, will be seen through, and if it’s seen through, it’s not going to be effective.

At least up to the level of advanced magic, speed and firepower are not enough.

246: αΩ

The one who has been so far removed from humanity, but was relieved to discover that it is also a true inhuman on the inside too.

I’m not even jealous because we’re on different playing fields.

I do envy you that you can casually converse with Kohaku, though!

251: Mirionea

I’m relieved to see that the strength-oriented and intelligence-oriented players were able to fight this time around.

It turns out that firepower is justice in this game.

254: Tougufu

At least Melty doesn’t seem to be an extremist in status value…

Well, the basic numbers go up as you level up, and even if you’re extremely swing to one aspect, as long as you level up, you’ll have a slightly better status.

256: Mr.

I’d like to try to reproduce the shield that Melty use…

257: Memento

I’m sure there are some NPCs who are balanced between Melty and Kohaku, and I think they’re free to do whatever they want as long as they don’t swing their stats too far.

270: Memelon

Why does everyone call Melty just “Melty” and Kohaku with “Kohaku-sama”?

273: Holic


I think it’s because Melty itself is not originally a character in this game.

She was the secret boss of Kurokuro and was a rather popular character there.

The development team of Kurokuro was also involved in the development of this game, so I guess you could call it called the favorite choice.

281: Ichikeroku Joe.

She’s been a rather meta character since back then.

A vampire who travels through time and space, right?

283: Memelon



285: Yummy

Mysterious beautiful girl character who appears from time to time to give advice to the main character.

No way she’s not popular.

289: TNK

As a boss, she is a piece of shit who start attack with instant death on the first turn.

291: Fuifamaru

It’s bad if we don’t take countermeasures.

293: Metamoso

In this battle, it’s like being meteor-ed on the first move.

But it’s nice that the strongest magic in this game is [Meteor] while all the top arts in the game have space-like names.

296: Blue Guts


I know what you mean.

300: Black Sand

I wouldn’t be surprised if they suddenly drop [Super Nova] someday.

302: Transmission girls


There’s a big sword skill called Excution Nova…



There is also Meteor Impact and Meteor Slash.

That’s why the simple Meteor is better!

307: TK Metro EWL

Kohaku’s special move was cool.

That was like Sukuna’s special move, right?

312: Mememe Mememe Mememeru


No, it isn’t.

The final form of the Oni no Mai is not activated unless you dance the five dances, so…

Maybe it’s just a strong art.

315: TK Metro EWL


333: Rollo.

I want to be stomped by vampire girls too!


There is no direct relationship between Kurokuro’s Melty and this game’s Melty; she was certainly a favorite character among the influential WLO creators.

Tl note:

I hate this author so much… ‘αΩ’ or ‘alpha-ohm’ is the literal name of player…

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