BTOG 261 – Power Holder

February 25, 2023


(Ah, I’m a truly checkmated.)

Sukuna thought as she watched [Meteor] fall slowly from the sky.

Before this, she had fought off numerous magic attacks, and just when she thought she had managed to hit the target, she was blocked by a mysterious barrier.

She was forced to make decisions not in one second but in 0.1 seconds or even less time, and that also while constantly enduring the fatal barrage of magic.

Still, at that time, there was a chance.
But it seems that was as far as it went.

(I miss this feeling.)

It reminded her of the magic that Apocalypse, the true Dragon, used in the past.

Sukuna had no idea what it was, but it was [fallen down], Truth magic of Dark element.

It was large-scale destruction magic reminiscent of nuclear weapons, as if the sky itself had fallen.
There is no way to escape from this magic, which has an attack range that can wipe out an entire area.

It was the ultimate magic.

A truth that all magic will eventually reach.

The cultivation of all common skills.

Full comprehension of all master rank skills.

And after one reaches the very peak of mastery, only then will the magic reveal itself.

The despair that looms from the heavens is the form of the ultimate depths of magic that feeds on more than 10,000 MP which will destroy all existence.

“What should I do?”

Sukuna was considering how to avoid the situation, but every possibility that came to mind was flawed.

The speed at which the meteorite was falling was slower than expected.
She estimates that it takes 40 seconds to hit the ground.
If one ran as fast as she could, even a civilian could escape the point of impact.

The reason why Sukuna does not do so now is that even if she escapes from the center, she will not survive the aftermath in any case.

If we assume the scale of damage from the previous fallout, it would not be surprising if the estimated radius of destruction is several tens of kilometers.

There was nothing Sukuna could do in the face of a natural disaster that would consume the world.

That’s why Kohaku decides to move.

“It’s still a little early to give up.”

“e…… Kohaku?”

Sukuna could only give a thin response to Kohaku who suddenly appeared, breaking Sukuna’s concentration while she measured the hopelessness of her situation.

Kohaku put her hand on Sukuna’s head as she stood there and then turned her attention to the Meteor in the sky.

“The true magic is the secret of magic.
It requires a huge amount of MP to activate, so it is not magic that can be shot so easily, no matter how strong Melty is.
If you can survive this moment, Melty Strength should fall considerably.”


“That’s why I’ll take care of this.
You have something you want to try, don’t you?”

“But… that’s not fair.”

Since Sukuna was the one who challenged Melty, even if she lost, she wanted to fight a fair and square without any outside intervention, and certainly, Kohaku understood Sukuna’s desire.

However, her situation is hardly could be called fair.

“She’s the one who used foul play the moment she used this thing.
The fight is over when this comes out, and Melty knows that better than anyone.”

Kohaku looked at the heavens, where Melty grinned at her.
Kohaku understands now, so this is why she was dragged all the way here.

Melty has brought Kohaku here, fully expecting this would happen.
And since that was the case, Kohaku decided that she would break this magic as a little revenge.

“Let’s give her a lesson, a reminder not to mess with Oni’s pride.”

After being momentarily taken aback by Kohaku’s easygoing wink, Sukuna nodded her head in determination.

Kohaku the [Castle Breaker] was regarded as one of the world’s five greatest heroes.

She is a monster who has ascended to become the world’s power holder in terms of Strength, despite being a young girl of about 50 years of age from the Oni tribe.

“Well, well, I wonder how she will break this magic.”

The battle to defeat the apostles has been repeated many times in the past.
It is an irregular calamity caused by the Sirens’ obsession.

And Melty rarely go to fight them off herself since she is restricted by her contract with the Creator God from interfering too much in the world.
That’s why, her appearance would usually mean the world has used its last resort.

The furthest she could travel was as far as the sixth town from her dwelling, and that’s only to help the weak who have not broken through the level limit.

All of this also implies that people were meant to destroy the apostle using their own power without her help.

And there’s this one time when an apostle attacked The tenth city, Le-Gend, it was a city located at the easternmost tip of the continent.
{no, it is not a typo, the author really wrote it that way} the name of the apostle was [Alma the Writhing Old Castle], and it was the largest named boss monster in history, with a total length of 1 km.

Its level exceeded 300.
Its body was cladded with solid walls, immense mass, and an enormous endurance of 25 HP bars.
It was a fortress with the consciousness that will destroy everything around it simply by moving.

And that monster was slain with a single blow from Kohaku.

An extremely simple feat that etches her name in history.

“Now, show me the world’s most powerful spear that you carry in that body.”

Melty muttered in a voice filled with expectation.

She successfully forced Kohaku to face her most powerful skill, but even so, Kohaku kept a relaxed expression on her face.

“To think of it, I never explained to you the effects of [Power Holder] title, have I?”

Kohaku suddenly said something like that to Sukuna, who was preparing herself for what was to come.

The title “Power Holder” is given to the being with the highest strength status in this world.
At first glance, it is just an honorary title, and Sukuna is not aware that it is anything special since the owner, Kohaku, also treats it so lightly.

In fact, however, it is just the opposite.
The [Apex Status Holder], which exists for all statuses except HP, MP, and SP, is not just a title to prove who has the greatest status value.

It is the most powerful title, even among the highest-tier title effect.

And the true value of this title will be revealed soon.

“Even though the effect was amazing, it was also quite simple.
Basically, it doubles the holder’s basic strength value.
That’s all it does.”

Sukuna was stunned.

Sukuna had been told by Kokuyo that the level of Kohaku was well over 500.

Kohaku’s Strength is 1.3 x 500, which is the base increase in Strength for Oni folk, plus the bonus point of 5 X 500, so her total strength value is easily over 3000 points, and the power holder’s effect is doubling it, and you still need to multiply it by 1.4 because of the Oni exclusive equipment effect.

This does not include the calculation if she ever defeats a named boss; if she has done so before, the number should be even higher.

Even with just the factors Sukuna could think of, Kohaku’s Strength is nearly 9,000.

Depending on the number of digits after level 500, her basic strength point may as well exceed 10,000.

What’s more, the fact that there are some buffs that could be added on top of the base value.

While laughing at Sukuna’s stunned reaction, Kohaku clapped her hands.

“The [Oni no Mai] is one of the few things left behind by the Kishin-sama.
It consists of five kata and six moves.
There is nothing better than this as a trump card for a special kill.”

She clapped her hands and danced brilliantly.
It is the [Oni no Mai] (Oni Dance) that has been handed down in the Oni tribe, which Sukuna had learned from Kohaku.

However, Sukuna had never seen the dance form that Kohaku had just offered.

“However… I think it is too sad and too little to dedicate only five dances to Kishin-sama.”

The girl who was born with the greatest talent of the Oni tribe longed for the legend more than anyone else and knew despair greater than anyone else.

The more she looked up, the more she longed for, and the further away she was from her goal.

Kohaku’s feelings had led her to create a new skill and open a new possibility for Oni, one that was paved by the princess Oni’s own Strength.

The name of the skill was [Oni-hime no Kagura], an Extra Rare class skill.

It was a way for those who have mastered [Oni no Mai] to go even further.

The first form of Kagura consists of only four dances created by the performer himself.

“First Offering, [Haru Arashi no Rashomon].”   {Spring Storm from Gate to Hell} (tln: wtf)}

The effect of [Oni-hime No Kagura] is to increase the four physical stats, namely Strength, Defense, Dexterity, and Agility, for a short period of time.

The first Kagura, [Haru Arashi no Rashomon], has the effect of explosively increasing Strength.

But in Kohaku, its value is actually quadrupled.
Furthermore, just like Sukuna’s [Ravenous Wolf], this is a type of buff effect that is multiplied by the final status after all basic buff is calculated.

As Shuten once told Sukuna, “Kohaku is even more talented than I am.”

It is true that Shuten is the strongest of them all, and there is no one she can’t beat in her prime.

However, there is one thing that is also true, and that is Kohaku’s strength value.

She is an Oni who is loved by the Strength more than anyone from this world.

She is an incarnation of absolute status, so much so that even the Gods have praised her for it.

“If it is only to shatter stars, there is no need to use the Closing Ceremony.”

And Just before the meteors hit the earth, Kohaku placed both palms on the Meteor as if to support it gently.

This is a battle form left behind by Shuten Douji.
It is the third of the three profound techniques of the Kishin Style Destruction School.

“Oni-Wailing Karma Destruction – Kikoku Metsugou.”

GON!  a shockwave ran through, and the cracks ran all over the Meteor.

It was a one-penetrating palm strike by both hands, but its destructive force was enough to shatter the Meteor into pieces.
The meteor’s form distorted, and it could only maintain its shape for only mere two seconds.

Truth magic.
The strongest of magic collapsed with a single blow.

Even the impact of the collision that was originally supposed to occur was crushed head-on, and all that remained on the field was shattered and disintegrated rubble.

The objects were destroyed and would eventually disappear, but because they still had temporary “substance,” they did not disappear immediately.

“[Shosen Ranba]!” {Ravaging Fan}

Kohaku then took an iron fan from her chest and fanned the sky with all her might, applying art that would normally be used to thwart flying projectile attacks.

The raging storm pushes the meteor debris back, returning it to Melty and blocking her vision.

Though no debris actually landed on Melty, because the Citadel of Time easily prevents all of it.

But that’s just fine.
Kohaku never intended to attack.
Her action was ‘merely pushing back a group of falling rocks’.

It was a parting gift from Kohaku to Sukuna, and if Kohaku was right, it was the thing Sukuna needed the most right now.

“Well, this is as far as I can interfere.”

Sukuna has evolved in this battle and she is on the verge of becoming something more.

When Kohaku intervened in her battle, it was because she also saw Sukuna wanted to try something.

Her genius was first approved by Kishin, and then the vampire princess also voiced a similar recognition toward her.
Her natural talent, which was acknowledged by the two legends, is now about to blossom.

This was a moment Kohaku did not want to miss.

This is precisely why Kohaku created a foothold and veil in the sky, so that Sukuna could fight the winged Melty in the sky.

“Sukuna, it is now your turn.
It is your time to awaken.”

It was unclear if Sukuna knew what Kohaku wished for, but alas, she leaped into the wreckage of the meteors until she was able to see Melty’s blind spot.

Tl Note:

This chapter really gives me a headache, the author… ugh I don’t know, it’s almost like he forgot to paste one paragraph one after another, making the story feels jagged.
I need to add many additional contexts so it makes sense.


Yup, I knew from several chapters ago that the author intends to introduce a new type of dance… since he called the closing ceremony ‘kagura.’

Kagura is a BIT different from normal dance since it was practically a ceremony, a performance to entertain God, so I will keep it as it is.

I kind of get used to this author lol, he will foreshadow something several chapters ahead, but it seems most of it was an on-the-fly thing, except for several key points… so yeah… if I did something unusual, like leaving kagura untranslated, it usually means I smell something strange in his writing.

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