Chapter 25

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Sending Rin-chan a mail that I had met with Touka-chan, and she replied that I don’t have to return at noon.

I just wanted to confirm it since I’m worried whether Touka-chan was able to meet up with me but since we safely met each other then that also means that there is no meaning to have a break from streaming.

Just that, I got another reason that I need to interrupt the stream.

「I will be streaming again in 2 so, if you have time then come see it okay~」

「I will be waiting together with Suku-neesama」



『GJ curry』

After letting the comments flow, I stop the stream.
Along with that, the recording crystal, with a high pitch sound it broke

I didn’t know about this since I have logged out and stopped streaming up until now but, so it disappears like this….


「Thank you for your hard work」

「No, not at all, Isn’t it Touka-chan who worked hard to come from Tria up until here?」

「Well, I rested a bit at the Tea house」

Now that I think about, she did.

「But, why did you stop streaming? Isn’t that showing off new equipment, in a stream way, it’s good right?」

Touka-chan’s question is right, I also thought that it would be a waste but, this is a warning from Konekomaru-san.

「That, It’s better that I don’t stream it」

「hmmm….since it’s also a chance to raise a crafter’s popularity, so not streaming it means that there is something that should be not shown is it?」

「I wonder about that」

The first bonus reward that I got from defeating a named, 《Red Wolf of Isolation -Aria- ‘s Soul 》.

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This item with《Souls》, it means that it’s a Named boss monster’s super rare drop but, only in the first subjugation that it has a 100% drop rate.

Especially since the one that can challenge Aria is a solo player which makes him a Solo Named, all of the rewards came to me.

And moreover I gave everything to Konekomaru-san, and the situation right now is that I’m having him make a full set of armor.

「Well, we can only see it for ourselves.
Since he said that he is at the workshop at Dualis, let’s go there」


「Hey, good job coming here」

The workshop in Dualis, Konekomaru-san welcomed us there with a smile.

Konekomaru-san is a member of the clan 《Dragon Fang》.

I don’t know the exact scale of how big they are but, I heard at least that they are a huge clan and have a branch in each town and they have that players can use establishments despite their progression.

And the one we visited here too is a one of the establishments for crafter players, it was a size where a lot of players can craft at the same time.

「Well, my crafting doesn’t take much space as smithing though」

Saying that, konekomaru-san led us to the room where he will be delivering me the equipment.

「But still, I didn’t think that Touka-kun would be coming too」

「hmmm? do you know him Touka-chan?」

「No, I don’t know him」

「Aah, it’s like that, Touka-kun is also a player that streams right? it’s something that I only knew from that」

「I see」

Konekomaru-san had a face with a strong emotion as he said it, I was honestly convinced.

Touka-chan is also someone that is known by many people she doesn’t know.

「Now, then let’s stop with the idle chatter.
First I’d like you to see the whole equipment」

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Saying that Konekomaru-san operated his Menu card, and something wrapped in a huge cloth appeared.

「I can say that this is a masterpiece from among the equipment that I have made.
This is what was made from the Red Wolf of Isolation’s material 《Red Wolf’s Attire -Solo- (Sekirou Shouzoku-Kanade-》!」(9: by solo, it means solo in music, like in duets and stuff)

Raising a sound as the cloth covering it was pulled away, and what was right there, was a mannequin wearing a full set of equipment.

From the first impression you could get from it, was Japanese clothing.

And it’s not completely a kimono, it has an image of more of that of an onmyoshi’s.
(9: onmyoshi’s kinda like japanese wizards or something, though if you read manga, watch anime and stuff you should know it already, its those that uses talismans or something to fight youkai)

On the whole, the color is dark.
And wrapping over it is scarlet, basically gives you an impression that it’s a kimono that uses Aria’s materials.

The sleeves are cut open, made not to obstruct movement.

Originally, Kimino’s aren’t usually separated into top and bottom but, these clothes are structured to have a top and bottom, especially the bottom is rather short which stresses how easy it is to move in.
The top is lightly made and putting them together, they are tied around the waist.

The legs had scarlet socks and a black sandals.
However, it is properly fixed into the leg, compensated by tying around with a string, it looks like it won’t come off when you use it.

The hands also have some sort of gloves.
Just that, it’s not armored with something like a gauntlet, it is lightly made like a glove.

And lastly, a camelia hair ornament there was a moonlight colored jewel in the center.
A jewel telling you it’s Aria’s eyes, beautifully matching with the beautiful flower camelia made from a scarlet metal.

「Amazing….this is so cool」

「I’m glad that you receive it like that.
Honestly I was planning to make an armor but, after consulting with my wife it became like this」

From the words that I accidentally said, Konekomaru-san happily reacted.

That’s right, I’m sure that konekomaru-san is a crafter that makes like armor.
This is rather more of a clothing equipment.

Though, to a certain degree it was made by conforming with the system so, it might be lumped together with the leather armor.

「In the first place since it was a red closer to a rust color, I calmed down with a rather chic attire.
The inner was a cloth and fiber made from the monster called 《Dark Wolf》 around the area of the 5th town 《Griffis》.
Compared to Aria the red wolf its lower in rank but, it actually matches well」

Konekomaru-san said so happily as he tampered with his menu card, the documents that showed the materials used and the equipment, and then he gave me back the remaining materials.

Taking a quick look, the used materials and the remaining materials’ number are not that different.

「And so, what materials would you like to hav-…」

「Ah, we can do that later.
So would you equip it first? Since it’s an equipment made for that purpose」

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「Ah, okay」

There was a pressure from his words that I can’t go against.

Choosing the equipment from the inventory, and equipping it.

Equipping an armor that you haven’t worn once with just a press of a button, I think that it’s a really helpful system.

Exchanging the iron plate equipment and chainmail, The red wolf’s attire covered my body.

The first thing I felt wearing this was the equipment’s feather-like weight.

The iron plate equipment too, it was basically only a leather equipment compensated with iron plates, it was a rather light equipment.

But still, it may even be more compared to that beginning equipment, the flax clothes and trousers, The Red Wolf’s Attire is 「light」.

By the way the size depends on the player, it was properly adjusted to my avatar.

「Yeah, It’s really great.
Though I have made it to be your exclusive equipment, to think that it matches you this well」

「Yes, it’s really lovely!」

「R-really? since I have never wore something like this so, it kinda feels floaty」

Being praised without holding back by the 2, I ended up scratching my cheeks.

Back then and Right now too, I have stressed about the importance of being able to move easily so, I didn’t really think about the visual representation.

By the way, Rin-chan is more like me too but, in the first place, Rin-chan doesn’t buy her own clothes.

And opposite of her, Touka-chan is a fashionable girl.
With the extent of her allowance she dresses stylishly.
Though her allowance is enough to poke out your eyeballs.

「But still, just what material did you make this hair ornament from?」

Answering Touka-chan’s demand, I turned around slowly, showing off the equipment, and suddenly Touka-chan asked that.

Certainly, regarding this Camellia hair pin, in various meanings it has something else the other equipment doesn’t have.

There was no metals in Aria’s materials and there wasn’t anything that looked like a Jewel too.
Even if he made headwear, I haven’t seen any scarlet metal at all.

「Regarding that, there is a bit of a special reason for it…..Can you take a look at the name of the Equipment for a bit」

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《Red Wolf’s Attire -Solo- 》.
I noticed when I equipped it earlier but, actually this equipment was separated into 2.

Below the head it was named 《Red Wolf’s Attire》, and then the name of the hair pin is 《Moon Camellia’s Solo (Tsubaki Kanade)》

Which means that the name that Konekomaru-san calls this equipment was, he got it from this.

「Actually, that hair pin is, when choosing the material 《Red Wolf of Isolation -Aria-‘s Soul 》, it was a naturally made equipment」

According to Konekomaru-san.

It seems that he actually made a proper hachigane like head wear too.

Furthermore, he also used this feature called 《Full Set Craft 》with the price of the equipment not being all purpose, its effects are increased.

《Full Set Craft 》is the method so that all the 5 parts of equipment are combined into one full set equipment, raising the status of the equipment.

The merit is that you could make a better and stronger equipment but, on the other hand the demerit is that, 「It needs a lot of materials at once」and, 「The equipment is considered 1 item where you couldn’t take off the part individually」.

Which means that you can’t make the equipment piece by piece and combine them and moreover since you can’t take them off part by part, it loses the all purpose part of it.

However, with putting the 《Soul》 Material in crafting it, what appeared as the complete piece was 《Red Wolf’s Attire》 and 《Moon Camellia’s Solo》, a 2 separated equipment.

The 《Red Wolf’s Attire》is a set with 《4 part complete set》equipment , and then the 《Moon Camellia’s Solo》was considered a different equipment that you can wear separately.

「My opinion is that, I believe that more than the 《Red Wolf’s Attire》that uses Aria’s materials, the hair pin has the 《Soul》in it.
And that scarlet metal you see, it’s made from the legendary material called 《Hihiirokane》.
And of course I have no idea where you can get your hands on it, and it only comes out when talking with NPCs.
Just like the orichalcum accessory that Sukuna-kun has」

What he was pointing at was the, 《The Proof of the Named Solo Subjugator》.
Now that I think about it, it was written that it was made from orichaclum.

If I’m right, it was an award from the gods or something.
Since that in itself didn’t really help me that much so I just forgot about but, it might be actually really tough.

「Well, with crafting something regarding a 《Soul》, there have only been 3 examples, and one of them, I don’t know who made it.
So in actually I only have 2 actual examples of it, which troubles me」

「Certainly, you’re right.
Rather, what do you mean that you don’t know who made it…?」

「I know the owner properly but.
Just that, the maker is unknown.
And that player too also appears and disappears out of nowhere」

I am convinced with that answer but, for some reason, I feel that Konekomaru-san was making his words blurry.

Anyhow, that answers Touka-chan’s question.

Next is, finally checking its abilities.

Not being able to hold down my excitement, I opened up the menu display for the equipment description.

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