BTOG 249 – Zero Wars VR Sniper Dedicated Thread

October 12, 2022


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This is the last story of Chapter 5, the bulletin board story for the Zero Wars people.

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[MHKS] Zero Wars VR Sniper Dedicated Thread number 641st [Witch of the Magic Bullet]

1: Nameless Sniper.

This is a dedicated thread for warsmen who love sniper rifles.

The next thread is >950.

If you can’t access it, please leave a message here.

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18: Nameless Warsman

Now that things have calmed down after the final interview, I’d like to review Nana’s sniping, which occurred before I had time to do a live report on it.

To be fair, I couldn’t think about anything about it because it only lasted about 30 seconds in the live match.

Also, I’d like to talk about the with of magic bullet they mentioned in the post-match interview.

If you haven’t seen it yet, there is an archive of it from all of the players’ points of view.

20: Nameless Warsman.

To be honest, I seriously doubt it’s a cheat.

21: Nameless Warsman.

Yep, it is thanks to the full first-person perspective.

The first-person view is so erratic that it makes me want to throw up.

23: Nameless Warsman

There’s no way that was done with player skill.

I’m sure there’s some secret tool behind it.

25: Nameless Warsman

She’s not officially banned.

Also, the post-match verification found no irregularities of any kind.

So far, it’s clean…

26: Nameless Warsman

The feed from the first-person view is not clear enough to let us see the enemy.

Which given since a shadow of a player from 3km away is barely visible to the naked eye…

28: Nameless Warsman

What the hell is going on with this girl’s eyeballs?

The view on the stream screen was moving so fast to the point that it was nauseating.

I wonder how many people puked before they could cancel the view?

31: Nameless Warsman


There’s a frontal overhead viewpoint, so look at that instead.

You could tell from the side that her eyeballs were moving so much.
It’s honestly weird.

32: Nameless Warsman

You can see from the first-person view that she’s not using a scope at all.

That’s no longer the level of good eyesight.
It’s a telescope.

34: Nameless Warsman

I’m really impressed with how well the avatar’s eyes move like a real human.

35: Nameless Warsman

Did it look human to you?

I think it looks more like a monster.

36: Nameless Warsman

I’ve decided to call her Nana, the Magikichi Sniper.
{Nana the Irrational/Absurd Sniper}

38: Nameless warsman

Even at a distance of 3 kilometres, the maximum magnification of a 20x scope can only reduce the distance to 150 meters.

The difficulty level is literally insane, even with a scope.

40: Nameless warsman


150m sniping itself is pretty common there.

43: nameless warsman


Think about her hit rate.

If you leave the hit rate to luck, anyone could do it.

44: Nameless Warsman

MHKS only has a variable 5x scope, so even if she used it, she was sniping at 600m with her naked eye.

46: Nameless Warsman

Most people don’t know about the Kilsco feature.
{they made a new nickname for MHKS?}

47: Nameless Warsman

Distance is one thing, but that accuracy is scary.

Kilsco won’t kill you if it just grazes your arm or leg or something, and she did a clean hit in 13 of 16 shots, right?

That’s too much at that rate of fire, don’t you think? Even considering the graze, I think it’s pretty ridiculous.

49: Nameless Warsman

That’s a new record for maximum damage in 30 seconds.

51: Nameless Warsman


That’s because it’s very close to the theoretical value.

52: Nameless Warsman


if she’s the real Witch of the magic bullet, then it’s understandable.

But just as in the past, I don’t understand how.

54: Nameless Warsman

That talk about Witch also makes things even more complicated.
{they said yabai = dangerous, bad, absurd, but I use too much of that word… so I replaced it with complicated}

56: Nameless Warsman

This is a gloriously complicated period.

Nobody can deny it because it’s on the record, and she’s still a legendary player who can’t be analyzed.

57: Nameless Warsman.

Nana’s existence is difficult to believe given her recent show, but after gathering a lot of information, she’s a rather convincing choice as the Witch of the magic bullet.

59: Nameless Warsman

One is the fact that she has been Rinne’s best friend since she was 3 years old.

Her ridiculous spec had been causing a stir since yesterday.

Her sniper hit rate, including when she uses Killsco.

And most importantly, she did use the magic bullet.

I guess that’s what you call a triple threat…

60: Nameless Warsman


Yakuman tadamitsu {errr how to explain this… You all Witch Saki? The mahjong anime? Let’s say that’s the royal straight flush of mahjong}

62: Nameless Warsman

The ricochet skill shot is called “magic bullet”, but it is originally called “ricochet sniping”, right?

Well, it doesn’t matter where the ricochet hits because Kilsco could send people to death when you land a clean hit.

64: Nameless Warsman

Rinne admitted that it was her friend who invented the tech, so there’s no reason for us to speculate about her.

As long as she actually knew how to use the ricochet shot, there’s no doubt about it.

Well, the mastery part is the biggest problem.

65: Nameless Warsman

In the interview, she said she could see the trajectory of the bullet before she shot it.

Please girl… I don’t know what you are talking about…

68: Nameless Warsman.

The sniper rifle itself is a ridiculously straightforward weapon without any deviation in its bullet’s trajectory, so we know that if you are accurate enough, your shot will hit, and analysis has shown that if you reproduce certain conditions, you’ll always get the same ricochet result.

I know they said she’s clean(of cheating)… but even when we put aside the random element, there is no way to reproduce it by human power since it requires manipulation precision in microscopic units.

69: Nameless Warsman

Everyone, too, could do something similar, like if you shoot around here, you’ll feel like hitting something, so I don’t doubt that she could use her feels for that.

Still… there should be a limit.

71: Nameless Warsman

Personally, I thought that the accuracy of the aim was really ridiculous, but the speed when she switched target was also really crazy.

I know it’s just a matter of firing speed, but it’s like she’s doing drag shots all the time.

72: Nameless Warsman

The MHKS have zero deviation in its trajectory, so if you could aim where you see, the bullet will fly straight to where you hold it.

74: Nameless Warsman

Deviation shooting is not supposed to be a game of luck.
Is it really so hard?

76: Nameless Warsman


Please take into account the calculation of the angle of reflection.

78: Nameless Warsman


Right, I wonder if it is even possible for me to do that.

81: Nameless Warsman

I’d like to politely explain that theoretically possible doesn’t mean it’s [doable], but I think you already know that.

85: Nameless Warsman


I don’t know if I should say this.

But are you not going to mention how she can shot 16 times?

87: Nameless Warsman


That’s actually the most realistic factor, so set it aside.

88: Nameless Warsman

Please don’t bring physical abilities into virtual space.

89: Nameless warsman

The five senses and reflexes were and still are essential talents in competitive games, but I never thought that real physical strength would be required.

91: Nameless warsman

But is physical strength really affect it that much? Those muscle-bound machos tried it and get unsteady after just one or two shots?

93: Nameless warsman

Don’t judge that girl by her looks.

She’s a monster who can punch through steel with her bare hands and walk away without a scratch.

Her body is probably so strong that her muscles don’t even matter.

94: Nameless Warsman

I wonder if she’s biologically Homosapien in the first place…

95: nameless warsman


You’ve touched on a taboo subject.

97: Nameless Warsman.

I’d love to relive the backlash of Nana’s real-life sniper, but…

I would probably die if I did that.

99: Nameless Warsman

I guess that’s why she’s being forced to log out.

It’s also weird that Nana was able to get back in immediately, though it was said that she had been dormant for an hour.

100: Nameless warsman

The hurdle to the MHKS record for consecutive shots has been raised to a new level.

And it’s not even close to an untouchable record.

101: Nameless Warsman

What kind of crazy thought process would make you say, “Okay! I’m going to keep firing until I’m forced to log out!”.

I don’t even understand why she joined the game right after she was forced to log out.
It was so hard to understand her.

103: Nameless Warsman

I don’t know how anyone could have come up with the idea of firing that thing in rapid succession in the first place.

It was such a shock to the top players that they were all talking about it in horror.

They must have some kind of mental breakdown.

104: Nameless Warsman

I hope people don’t die in the MHKS rapid-fire challenge.

106: Nameless Warsman

Maybe they’ll nerf MHKS because of Nana.

109: Nameless Warsman.


Don’t worry that won’t happen.

Her feat simply cannot be copied.

110: Nameless Warsman.

After seeing that match, I’ve had a craving to shoot Kilsco.

Alas, I was forced to log out before I had time to do so.

112: Nameless warsman


Give up on that thought.

Once again, I wonder why that weapon is allowed to exist…

113: Nameless Warsman

I went for it and got into a fistfight with 4 guys.

I lose.

115: Nameless Warsman

Stop robbing each other in the field.

116: Nameless Warsman

Seriously, I think she’s the best sniper in the world.

I know people are only talking about Kilsco, but if you look at the streaming scenes from all the teams’ perspectives that were released after the tournament, you will notice that she could do the quick one-handed shooting with consecutive hits in the distance of over 1000 meters, everything about her sniping is insane.

118: Nameless Warsman.

There’s not even room for debate on that matter.

I thought Suupaa was the ceiling when it came to drawing out weapon potential, but looking at her role on the team, I’d say Nana is the better player when it comes to sniping.

120: Nameless Warsman.

If anything, I’m shocked that Suupaa is just a 14-year-old kid, not a monster like Nana.

I guess it’s because kids have good reflexes.

121: Nameless Warsman


As far as age is concerned, sure, younger is better, but she is anything but ‘just 14 years old.

She simply has too much understanding of this game.

I think she has a complete grasp of the perfect distance of all weapons, were to hit, how many shots, how much damage, and so on.

That’s why she could get as close to the theoretical value of the weapon as possible.

123: Nameless Warsman

Well, speaking of theoretical values…

Did anyone know that Rufa’s infinite number of bullets works on MHKS?

125: Nameless Warsman


It’s common knowledge for top-level players who participate in tournaments.

But the drawback of Rufa avatar is much heavier than a popular avatar like Ritu, so I don’t think anyone really wants to play using it.

The only reason why you could fire a series of shots in a fraction of seconds is that the MHKS was not designed for anything other than single shots, and the continuous fire part was made unlimited.
We also only learn that from the recent official announcement.

So if you use Rufa, you can fire continuously without reloading, but if you’re asking if that was intended, then the answer is a no.

129: Nameless Warsman.


I see.

I thought that if I were a normal sniper, I wouldn’t be able to fire so many shots in a row because of the firing limit, or so I thought.

So that’s because they don’t expect you to be able to fire in rapid succession.

130: Nameless warsman

I wonder how the players who were actually in the game at that time felt.

132: Nameless Warsman


Photon said in an interview that he experienced the biggest fear of his life.

135: Nameless Warsman

It’s like being in a panic movie where everyone around you is getting killed.

136: Nameless Warsman

You could have died in an instant.

Believe you, you can’t tell what it’s like to be shot by a Killsco (speaking from experience).

137: Nameless Warsman

Look at the posts of the tournament participants on social media.

They’re all over the place muttering about how they felt at that moment.

It’s so horrifying.
It’ll bring tears to your eyes.

139: Nameless Warsman

# Witch’s_Banquet

That is a tag that was trending.

I guess you can think of it as a kind of revival of Witch of the Magic Bullet.

141: Nameless Warsman

Surely, it does sound like a witch’s revival, which sounds exciting.
It’s almost like they’re competing with her first coming.

145: Nameless Warsman

In fact, if you want to master the sniping, the Witch of the Magic Bullet is a towering wall that you can’t avoid, and for the people who reside in this thread, it’s a big deal that will make them go crazy.

I’m trying to play it cool, but honestly, I can’t stop being excited.

147: Nameless Warsman

I understand.

To be honest, I’d like to go talk to her in person.

I’d like to DM her on social media, but I’m not sure she’d respond, considering the barrage of notifications she’s getting right now.

148: Nameless Warsman

Right now, I feel like the Witch will be standing there waiting for you to chase her back if you want to start your career as a sniper.

Our dream is back.

150: Nameless Warsman

The video of the Witch’s banquet and stuff is trending so hard.

And when you see it from Nana’s point of view, the overkill play with the giant weapon looks like the climax scene of an action movie.

152: Nameless Warsman

I’m afraid I’m going to be inadvertently discouraged by her hit rate and the magic bullets.

But her sniper’s form is simply too beautiful.

There’s nothing but reference elements.

155: Nameless Warsman


I’ll just have to watch videos and steal what I can for the time being.

I thought this game was going to be a dead game after BATTLER, but with all this excitement, I feel like there’s still a long way to go.

161: Nameless Warsman

As for me, I’ve decided to continue rooting for Nana, the strongest Kilsco user in the world, who has proven to be the strongest in theory.

I know her main focus seems to be on other games, but I hope she’ll post a Zerowars video or something once in a while.


With this, Chapter 5, the “First Competition” section, is completely complete.
Once again, thank you for your long-time patience.

The new Arc, “The Shrine of the End and the Rondo of Shadows,” will be posted next week.
I hope you will continue to enjoy it, and I hope you will take the time to wait for it!

To note:

Okay, that’s a dope-looking title there.

Below is a rant.
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Sorry… but I was literally hospitalized.
It was a combined factor of overworking and stress, my mother’s condition suddenly took a turn for the worse, and all my bro were either out of town or could not be contacted.
It feels so wrong to trust my mother’s wellbeing to someone else hand, so I thought, [ah no biggie, I could handle it~], and it turns out I can’t…

Long story short, on the third day, I collapsed and got hospitalized in the same room as my mother.
Life sure knows to pull a joke on me (well, to say the least… I deserved that).

TLDR: my mother got better now, still not recovered tho, and I already recovered enough to type this, so it’s all good in the end.

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