BTOG 197 – WLO General Thread 139

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March 11, 2022


A note:

It is a short message board for the next chapter, so you can skip it if you don’t like it.


[Sephira]WLO General Thread 139 [Arrived]

1: Crossfire

This is the thread to talk about WLO.
Please feel free to discuss anything you want, including strategy information exchange.
Please be civilized, and most importantly, no trolling.

356: Metamoso.

I knew it, over three digits level named suck.

Well, it’s somewhat obvious, I guess.

358: Frying pan

You could not even defeat one level 100 metal babel, so please don’t dream too much…

361: Haruhito

It took four of the current top-class players equipped with top-class equipment, using all their rare skills and plenty of rare items, which are also mostly reliant on their player skill, to barely defeat this Named opponent.

This is just impossible.

363: Tarutaru

I think the race-specific equipment was a bad idea.

Like the elf’s, it’s not something that can be equipped before you reach its level cap.

364: Aka-sha

How about the exclusive equipment for dwarves?

366: Teflon coating

Their potential for defense equipment is quite impressive.

Especially since they can take the hit from the troublesome higher attributes.

367: Cessna.

I haven’t been able to defeat lv80 Meneas yet.
Let’s forget Metal Babel.

When you think about it calmly, the bosses in the apostles’ battle were pretty serious.

370: HELLO

The rare skills of Oni are too strong.

Are all the race-specific skills like that?

372: Neninano.

I heard the Yousei tribe has something similar.

373: Aka-sha.


The human race was popular because they had the most flexible stats, but when I see something like that, it bothers me.

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375: Rapper

Sukuna-chan gave me some details on the Oni tribe-only forum.

The advanced profession for Douij is [Oni no Miko], which also means [Kishin’s Child].

It’s possible to change jobs when you reach level 90, but in Sukuna’s case, she needs to wait since she’s been afflicted with that curse.

Also, it looks like you can’t learn the Closing Ceremony if you’re still a Douji.

378: Pelican Bottle


Changing jobs at level 90 is pretty harsh.
Only those maniac has reached level 90 now.

Not to mention the difficulty you need to face when playing as a Douji.

379: Momo no ki


I know her Closing Ceremony was totally different from the NPC one that was talked about a bit before, but is that what it was like?

380: Haruto


Thanks for the info.

I wonder if the advanced level of special jobs for other races is also level 90.

The special profession itself had difficulty level up from middle level, so it’s hard to verify it.

382: Rapper


That Closing Ceremony had a setting that will change depends on the user, so it probably varies from person to person.

Not sure if the reference is to stats distribution, original profession, skill structure, or play history.

But looking at Sukuna’s dead skill-related ability, I guess it used a bit of her play history.

384: Rie, God of Destruction.

I wonder if we’ll see more skills like that in the future.

I mean, like… what conditions must be met for someone to be able to use dead skills like Sukuna and Rou?

386: Minio.

Watching Nocturne, I could see why they couldn’t beat Oratorio.

389: Metamoso


By Oratorio, do you mean that roaming Named?

That one is also impossible.

390: Lily.

Looking at the archives, it looks like you can’t win if you haven’t reached level 150.

I wonder if I can make it if I have a more defensive-oriented party.

392: Minio


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No, umm, I do curious, but…

I mean, this Teru Okami is named after it, and he looks like it.
He’s probably one of Nocturne’s kin right?

Considering the level, I’m sure it’s even stronger, and it seems foolish to mess with it and take the death penalty.

393: Takashi


According to the wiki, it’s referring to the skill that caused the seven catastrophes that happened in this world a long time ago.

The skills seem to be based on the seven deadly sins.
For example, the one for the Oni is based on the characteristic of Rage.

I guess the activation conditions are unknown except for Rage.
And for that one, you could theoretically trigger if you believe the official explanation.

395: Teflon Coating

It’s a tough condition, you need to hit the (forced to log out) class emotion value, not to mention the assumption that you’re an Oni, has chosen Douji as your profession, and you’ve mastered the Oni no Mai (Oni Dance).

I hear you need enough anger to burst open the blood vessels in your brain, and I don’t think there’s anything you can actively do about that.

396: Rie the Destructive God.

It’s not like you can just get cursed and log out.

Sukuna-chan said that they even imposed login restrictions on the pretext of maintaining mental health, so I’m not sure if it’s worth it.

398: Minio.

But the super firepower to beat up raid-named unilaterally is appealing…

400: Salsa

There are finally some people who have acquired the Sage, and the guide to acquiring Sword Saint has also been steadily developed.

People are motivated because now it has become a race to get the Named equipment.

402: Lexus

Because Named equipment is really strong.

405: Kakar

By the way, are you sure Sukuna’s weapons are not Named equipment?

409: Rie the Destructive God.


Please make an exception for weapons that requires over 700 STR value.

412: Kakar

I suppose so.

Having race-specific named equipment, powerful rare skills, and a special advanced profession… I’m honestly jealous.

413: Cessna

I agree on the jealous part.

But if you ask me if I could replicate her way, I can’t.

415: Memorandum of Understanding

Oh, and by the way, they’ve solved the problem of not being able to fight red wolves at higher levels.

They said if you are already around level 70, you can fight Zeronoa’s Mirage Wolves.
After you kill 100 of them in a row, the fight should happen.

417: Kakapo.

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Wait, did Sukuna is grab all the first-time skill point bonuses for all raid and solo Named?

There should be about a 20 level difference between someone who didn’t beat Named and the one who did.

418: Tennessee


That condition is too hard for me to take on even an impossible game.

I’m not too fond of Zeronoa mobs because they are so tough.

420: Alpha Rice

If you want to beat Named, there are plenty of openings right now, so why don’t you go for it?

I’d love some info on the drop for next month’s Nocturne.

425: Papa.

I laughed when Bomb’s party was killed instantly.

I was the only one left at that time.

427: Rie the Destructive God.

It was fun to watch, but if you’re asking me if I’m up to the challenge, the answer is: It’s impossible for the current me.

Of course, that doesn’t change that I’m jealous that all four of them seem to be stepping on special flags in different directions.

428: Alpha Rice

What a great job you did, Drago.
I’m sure you did the best you could.

I’ve seen three Farma souls drop, but they are more or less are a buff.

432: Metamoso.

I’m not too sure about Rou’s.
That’s just the way it is.

If you just look at the results, I’m pretty sure the MVP goes to Sukuna.

She’s taking the hate for almost 90% of the battle by herself, and she’s cutting down more than half of Nocturne’s HP by herself, and she’s also delivering the finishing blow.

I know it’s thanks to her Dead Skill and all, but that did make Drago pale in comparison.

435: Cellulite

Sukuna’s skill at parry and countering is just out of this world.

I know she has a good eye.
The way she catches the hot ball is too beautiful to imitate.

Our role model as the normal player is still Drago’s solid play.

436: Tarutaru

In terms of technique, Rou’s use of the rapier was pretty good too.

I hardly saw any of it, though.

Well, what happened to her afterward?

438: Korororone


The small girl carried her away.

Well, I guess this time, the bad impression of Rou is somewhat lessened.

439: Cessna.

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She was so devoted.
I was honestly startled.

I never thought that she was that kind of character.

444: Pekepon

She was in love with Sukuna, to the point of craziness, lol.

But I feel like I can understand it.

446: Takashi

And she was actually useful.

That being said, I heard that her levels had been cut in half now, so I’ll definitely send you to jail if I run into her.
{you will get mowed}

447: Papa.

Two of the biggest clan leaders, the worst annoying player, and the top player of the Oni tribe.

They’ve all had their highlights, and it’s amazing how long they have been keeping their popularity.

Especially Arthur, I don’t know how she was able to fight with a level just a little over 70.

449: Teflon coating

The Round Table is going to be the center of attention once again.

Not to mention the Dragon Fangs.

452: Takashi

Sad news: Sukuna, I won’t be able to log in to WLO for about a week from now.

454: Rie the Destructive God.


I know she was going to participate in HEROES activity.

Well, she’s a professional gamer, and she hasn’t done anything like this, right?

455: Memo.

Ah, I see.
WGCS is next month already.

I wonder if the upcoming new release fighting game will facilitate streaming functions like WLO.

457: Torattori

I’m fighting with every fiber of my being, and you expect me to reply, “Yay, are you watching?” No one can do that!

460: Lexus.

WLO is clearly out of balance between sales and maintenance costs, but I wonder where the money is coming from.

462: Alter


I don’t know.

I’m pretty sure the operating funds are quite transparent.

464: Kakapo

There are no events for a while, so I’ll just take it easy and go on with it.

467: Rie the Destructive God.

An event would be awesome!

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