Evolution of the Red Wolf Armor

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January 29, 2022


A note: Equipment update roundup! It’s been longer than I expected, so here it is in two parts.

TL note: I count this as two chapters, no but.
It’s friggin long.


“Yo, I’m sorry that we kinda forced you to come here.”

In the corner of Akagane’s workshop, a sub-workshop usually used by his apprentices and others, Konekomaru was waiting.

“No no, I’m rather thankful for your consideration…, Haruru? You’re here?”

I was a little surprised to find Haruru standing a little behind Konekomaru.

Especially since she didn’t mention anything in her message.

“Good morning, …….”

“It’s already evening.”

“Good morning.

“No, that’s why I said…”

“Good morning.

“Are you a robot?”

Haruru repeats the greeting without changing her expression a bit.

When I was still confused at Haruru’s response, Konekomaru laughed and told me the cause.

“It seems to create your weapon she invested every bit of her time.
I heard she just woken up in real life after pulling an all-nighter.”


“Yeah, well…… that’s sound about right….”

“You didn’t have to go so far.”

“It’s just I got too into it…..
so… don’t worry…..”

I smiled at Haruru, who scrubbed her sleepy eyes as she said that, and looked around the workshop.

And I noticed two shrouded objects that were obviously my equipment.

One of them was probably armor, the size is similar to the one I had seen when I received the Red Wolf Attire before, and it was about the size of a common clothes mannequin.
That is the most I could tell with the cloth over it.

What make me curious was the cloth covering the weapon that Haruru had prepared.

First of all, I cannot tell anything from the shape, but the area covered by the cloth is large, and several silhouettes are sticking out of the cloth.
My bet is the weapon is probably not a single item.

I don’t know the reason, but I’m pretty sure there are at least three long objects.
In addition, there seemed to be some kind of box on the ground as well.

I wondered what on earth Haruru had made.

“Anyway, you’re here together.
Did you know each other?”

“No, we met for the first time during this item production.
Haruru contacted me three days before I received the materials from Sukuna.”

“I really needed his help to make this weapon…….”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Well, well…… you didn’t sound very interested…”

“Honestly, yes.
And that’s because I wanted to see the equipment as soon as possible.”

Even if I ask, her explanation as why they were contacting each other was probably had something to do with the crafting process.

Rather than knowing that, I would prefer to see the equipment in front of me as soon as possible.

Konekomaru laughed when he heard my reply.

“Haha, I see, I see.
Anyway, which one do you want to take a look at first, Sukuna?”

“It don’t actually matter, but… which one do you guys want to see first?”

Whichever answer I gave probably roused jealousy from others, so I decided to leave it to my viewers.

I’m glad I am streaming this….

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“Hmmm… It seems the armor has slightly more vote…? Anyway, I will put up a vote, and we will know exactly which one.”

I couldn’t cleanly pass the judgment just by glancing at the comment section, so I decided to use the voting function that I had recently learned.

This seems to be a common feature in streaming.
You can set the option up to 8 choices.
And when the viewer presses the button on the screen, the results are instantly sent to me.

Oh? About 60% is choosing armor first.”

The results that came back in about a minute showed that the armor had a slight advantage.

This function was very helpful, I wish I had known about it earlier.

“Ahahaha! See!?”


After hearing my reply, Konekomaru laughed a little happily while Haruru clearly clicked her tongue.

I looked at Haruru, and she blatantly threw her face.


“What is it….?”

“Did you just click your tongue?”

“That just your imagination…….”


Well, Haruru doesn’t seem to be the type that loves to compete with others, but it seems that her passion for blacksmithing won’t lose to anyone.

Her pride as a craftsmen must be great.
Still, her childish reaction is surprising.

“I’ll show you the armor first, then! Behold, this is the new Red Wolf Attire!”

Said Konekomaru as he vigorously removed the cover.

What appeared was a reborn Red Wolf Attire.
My new equipment.

What caught my eye first was the long scarf that covered my neck.
Both ends of the scarf flow to the back; it’s very fashionable.

The overall color is dominated by black.
Is it because he used [Kikoku Tsumugi] as the main material?

Anyway, the Red Wolf Attire’s basic design has not changed much.
The hood that was secretly attached to it has been removed, some minor changes are apparent on its decorations, and the tail has been lengthened a bit.

Oh, but the hem of the cloak is a little longer.
And the innerwear seems to have been changed from Dark Wolf material to [Kikoku Tsumugi], so the overall impression is quite different.

“The name  is [Red Wolf Attire Alter – Kikoku no Kanade] { Oni’s Wails Ballad }, it’s one of the two race-exclusive equipment that exists to date!!”

I looked at Konekomaru’s menu card and confirmed the item name.

               [Red Wolf Attire Alter – Kikoku no Kanade]

It’s a little long, but it’s a great name if you consider that it’s the successor of the previous equipment with the name, [Red Wolf Attire – Kanade.]

“[Red Wolf Attire Alter – Kikoku no Kanade] … Konekomaru, your naming sense is great as ever.”

“Is that so? I’m glad to hear you say that because I was thinking pretty hard to come up with this one!” {tl: Too long!!}

Embarrassed, Konekomaru scratched his head.

“What do you guys think?”

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that it’s generally highly liked.

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More than anything, the atmosphere of the previous Red Wolf Attire remains almost unchanged, so I think it’s easier to gain approval from my viewers.

“Would you like to put it on?”


After receiving the Red Wolf Attire Alter from Konekomaru, I immediately selected it from the equipment option.

I think this feeling of changing equipment instantly is one of the top two things that make me realize that this is a game.

I tried it on, and it felt incredibly comfortable, probably because the original design hadn’t changed much.

The scarf will not be a hindrance to combat.
It was so light that I forgot I was even wearing it.

Aside from that, I felt a sense of power rise from my whole body.
Is this the status boost effect exclusive to Oni Tribe that the [Kikoku Tsumugi] provide?

“I’m home.
This is really comfortable.”

“Good to know you like it.”

Konekomaru was relieved to hear my thoughts.

But then I realized something.

“By the way… This scarf seems to be rather versatile, doesn’t it?”

“You noticed? It’s part of the equipment for the body, but it can also be removed.
Since I thought it might hinder your movement.”

“No, honestly, it’s so light you won’t even feel it.”

“That’s good then.
Well, you can take it off if you need to.”

“Understood, thank you!”

It is a differentiating factor from the Red Wolf Attire.
And it’s not a hindrance, I’ll try not to remove it if possible.

But then again, scarf of this length has no real functionality.

“Okay, let’s take a look at the performance.”

“It’s a pain me to have that showed first….., but that’s amazing…….”

“What did you just say, Haruru?”

The fact that she bothered to speak her amazement probably meant that the equipment had garner that much respect and quality in Haruru eyes.

Once again, I operate my menu to check its status.


[Red Wolf Attire Reborn – Oni’s Wail Ballad].

Special Equipment: 4-piece set

Race-Exclusive Equipment: Oni.

Rarity: Named PM

MP: -100

Defense: +121

Agility: +81

Intelligence: -50

Magic Defense: +55

Required Strength: 10

Strength Value Requirement: 500

Named skill: [Wolf King’s Rush – Alter], [Diva’s Protection].

Familiar skill: Kikokushu {Oni Spine Chilling Cry}

A precious battle attire made from the materials of Aria, the Lone Red Wolf, that further enhanced with numerous rare materials.

This is the battle attire of the Oni tribe that shoulder the cry of their warrior’s soul, who wanders between earth and the afterlife.

It gives the wearer undiminished agility and resistance to magic and greatly draws out the potential that sleeps inside the Oni tribe.

※ It can only be worn by Oni.

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※ This equipment cannot be lost and cannot be passed on.
When its durability is exhausted, it will enter a recovery state.

※An unique skill bestowed to this equipment will always be activated regardless of your available skill slot.


“Wow… what with this performance?”

“Ahaha, it’s amazing, right?”

Konekomaru laughed happily at me as I was surprised by this equipment performance.

What’s so amazing about it? Everything is.
I can tell even I only take a quick look at it.

First of all, the defense is high.
The Red Wolf Attire had a defensive value of +50, but now it is +121 Defense.

Agility is also improved from +50 to +81.
What’s even more shocking is that the equipment has +55 magic defense.

As an Oni, the initial value of my magic defense status is zero, and it only goes up by 1 per 2 levels.

In other words, at level 94, I have only 47 magic defenses.

By wearing this equipment, I will get a status correction of 110 levels.
Looking at that point of view; you’ll understand how much I appreciate this effect.

The price for the status increase probably a massive decrease in MP and intellect.

As an exchange to raise my Magic Defense, the equipment practically drops my MP and Intellect value to zero.

As Haruru said, the greater the required strength value, the more a variety of functions can be packed into it, and just like the dead skill had a tremendous buff effect, one of the features of this game is; by intentionally inducing a negative effect, you can boost up your other aspect.

That said, I think it’s a bit cheating to lower my MP and Intelligence, which I didn’t have much anyway, and then raise my Magic Defense.
Well, I’ll just be thankful for this enhancement.

I secretly thought, “It’s better not be another negative skill…” and tapped the [Familiar Skill] field attached to this monstrous piece of equipment.

I’m also curious about the named skills, but these are the ones that are the priority.



Familiar Skill.

Wearing the grudge of those who have fallen in battle, it will envelop and grant the user unstoppable force.

If the wearer is Oni, [Strength], [Vitality], [Dexterity], and [Agility], stats will be multiplied by 1.4 while this skill is active.



I couldn’t help but let out amazement at the stunning effect as I saw it effect for the first time.

This must be the effect of physical enhancement of the [Kikoku Tsumugi] offers as previously mentioned by Yabusame’s uncle.

I reviewed my statuses, and indeed, all of the affected statuses had their base values increased by 1.4 times.

By the way, it seems that the status correction of the red wolf attire modification is added after the calculation of [Kikokushu].

I don’t know why it’s called [Familiar Skill], but it’s unquestionably strong nonetheless.

And perhaps the most frightening thing is there is no downside to its effect.

The performance of the race-exclusive equipment will probably become the must-have in the future, where the general player population learns of its existence since it will raise the power of their avatar tho one whole another level.

While grinning a little at the incredible equipment quality, I continued and looked at the named skills.

[Wolf King Rush – Alter].
This was originally a Red Wolf Attire with a skill called [Wolf King Rush], and I think its effect was resistance to agility down? {previously Wolf King’s Rapid Gallop}

It was a pitiful named skill that never showed itself until now, but now it seems to have become reborn as a new skill with “Alter” in its name.

The [Diva’s Protection] skill was probably skill born by using the [Soul of the Apostle – Diva] that I got from Ars Nova.

I kind of have an idea of what effect these two skills will give me, still I tapped on the name of each skill to confirm it.


[Wolf King Rush – Alter]

Named Skill.

After fighting many fierce battles and burning his soul, his legacy stays with its master and faithfully assists them through every struggle.

-Gives additional resistance to agility reduction.

-When fighting an opponent of a higher level than the wearer, the wearer will receive an [Large] SP consumption reduction.

※This skill is always in effect.


Diva’s Protection

Named Skill.

Has she fallen into greed, or is she still in the dark, remains to be damned? A piece of the heart of the once kind diva.

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50% chance to be activated: Reduces damage taken by the equipped person by 10%.

When the wearer is hit by instant death damage with more than 60% HP remaining, the wearer instead will have 1 HP remains and completely recover from the following bad status: Bleed, Burn, Poison, Paralysis, and Stun.

These effects do not work on self-inflicted damage.


This one is also strong.
I don’t have much to explain bout this [Diva’s Protection] because its damage-cutting effect is simply powerful.

It has a probability of being activated in one of two hits, which I may add is pretty high for this kind of effect, and its flat 10% damage reduction may not seem much, but you will feel its effect.

Its other effect is also very strong, though its use is limited.

The 60% HP threshold is a bit troublesome, but I will be able to avoid instant death if I get hit by a strong magic attack.

It also has bad status recovery to take care of lingering damage over time after you’re down to one HP, which is very convenient.
But it seems the curse is not included since it is not written in the text.

As for [Wolf King Rush Alter], its transformation will be quite effective in boss battles where you tend to fight against higher-level opponents.

I don’t know how much of an effect the SP Consumption Reduction (Large) has, but at least it will be much more useful than [Agility Reduction Resistance].

This equip enhancement is perfect.

It’s been upgraded so much that it was hard to believe that this was the same equipment.

Konekomaru must have used other rare materials aside from that I gave him to produce such a result.

“Isn’t this….
Kinda broken?”

When I honestly expressed my impression, both Haruru and Konekomaru nodded.

“Right? But, you know, the race-exclusive equipment of the elven race has similar Familiars Skills.
So perhaps that’s how race-exclusive equipment is.”

“In the future, the monsters that come out maybe stronger…….., but whatever the case, they are overkill for this village area…… though… I think even that is not enough for the moon wolf…….”

“What do you mean….?”

I questioned Haruru, who spoke as if she knew what kind of opponent then Moon Wolf was.
She then made a big “X” with her hands.

“I’ll explain it to you later…….
Now it’s my turn to unveil my weapon……”

“Oh, yeah, you’re right.”

The info about Moon Wolf is not something I needed urgently, so I agreed with her.

I think Haruru was frustrated that Konekomaru had beaten her to it, or perhaps she was nervous.

Haruru, while looking a bit childish, seems to want to hurry to show off her creation.


A note:

As for why the Red Wolf Attire gets so much upgrade, it’s a very high-quality equipment with a total cost of no less than 20 million Iris, using not only the materials that Sukuna gave Konekomaru but also a lot of rare materials that Konekomaru has hoarded.

Tl note:

A bit awkward cut-off, huh? This is why I delay the release… The author wants to explain the equipment in one chapter but is forced to split the chapter in two.

Really this author… lol, welp its partially my problem since I don’t know how to properly convey the author’s words in English.
So, here comes to TL note explanation corner!!

Some changes NEED to be made in this chapter to make the wordplay makes sense.


Red Wolf Attire – Solo à Red Wolf Attire – Kanade (this is the original name btw)

There are no specific rules to translate name, each translator has their own style, and that’s totally fine.
But sometimes the author throws a wild ball like this, which make it difficult to continue with the old style.

So let’s take a look at [Kanade](奏) first

It can be translated to:

Solo play(music instrument sense) How to speak to emperor/ruler Complete

Confused? Good, me too.
it’s normal, don’t sweat it.

And the new equipment set/attire is:

Red Wolf Attire Alter – Kikoku no Kanade (鬼哭ノ奏)

I guess this word is overused by now, but let me explain once again what [Kikoku](鬼哭) means:

It’s literally can be translated as Oni’s/Demon’s/Ghost’s Spine-Chilling Wail.
Whichever it is, it’s more or less correct.
Usually I just translate it as Oni’s Wail, since the literal means was too long to write, but this is important, because…

It made Kikoku no Kanade (鬼哭ノ奏) translation a bit tricky.
If I were to literally translate it, it would become something like this: Solo Ballad of the Demon/Oni Spine Chilling Wail.

Then the Sukuna’s new equipment name would be:

Red Wolf Attire Alter – Solo Ballad of the Oni Spine Chilling Wail.

Ridiculous huh? Yeah… thus why I made this friggin long tl note.

TLDR: sorry for being late again, but if you in my shoes, you will understand why after you read that fucking long tl note.
It’s not really important btw, it just my thought process deciding on how to translate this chapter.

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