Chapter 17

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「You’re sukuna-san right!? I saw your stream during the morning」

「Thank you very much.
Let’s do our best」

I shook hands with an elf boy wearing a flax set, which is the 5th person, and then I wave my hands as we separated.

Right now I am walking across the highway on north plains carefree.

Is it because it’s afternoon on a day off? compared to the south there were a lot of people at the north plains.

If you’re walking normally on the road, you wouldn’t normally get any monsters that popped out right away in this situation.

Since right now I have no need to aim for boars, you could say that I’m fine with it.

Rather, the players in the north aren’t really much crazy serious in the first place.

Everyone feels just like taking a relaxing walk, it was a peaceful field where some of the people who knew me came shaking my hands.

By the way, I heard from Rin-chan that the named boss monster in this field is called 《Demon Boar of Immobility, Doldora》.
A Party Named over level 40.

It seems that it’s a crazy monster that appears randomly and destroys everything.

Just that, It seems that it doesn’t appear that much.
Around 1 report in every 3 days, that was its rate of appearance.

「I heard from Rin-chan that there is this Doldora here.
I wonder if it will come out?」

I muttered since I had nothing else to do on the way to the《Cave of Trials》, the viewers reacted to that name.


『What’s with that dragon sounding name?』

『I heard its the Named boss at the north plains』

『It’s a damn huge wild boar around 10 meters』


『it’s a monster LOL』

「Wow, that’s scary」

I didn’t hear about that, Rin-chan.

And so after chatting around for an hour of walking, I saw a cave with a huge opening.

Rather than a dungeon, its A cave spanning tens of meters hole, it looks like a normal cave that you would doubt if there wasn’t that worn-out notice saying its 《Caves of Trials》.

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「First dungeon, let’s go~」

There was a sparse crowd of people compared to the plains, passing through them I stepped into the dim caves.

The insides of the caves were as wide as the opening, thanks though the faint lighting across the walls of the cave, it was enough to see around.

Rather than a cave, it’s more like a tunnel.

It supports that idea more, with the evenly maintained footholds.

「According to Rin-chan, this dungeon’s recommended level is a party with an average level of 10.
If you’re Solo then, bring a lot of healing items, you need to be at level 15.
So no problem at all! 」

『my pace ogre girl』

『Don’t raise a flag』

『Level 21 is cheating』

『What’s the normal reward for beating the boss?』

『It was an unforeseen accident, that’s why it can’t be helped』

『What kind of monster are there?』

「Ah, there are bat monsters and goblin types.
The bat types are called 《Bat》and 《Giant Bat》If I remember it right.
There are flying monster that moves around messily, so it seems that there are a lot of people that have a hard time against it but….」

When I was answering the viewers, since there was a reaction from the area of detection, I pulled out a throwing knife from my belt and played with it.

They are camouflage in the dark and hard to see but I could see a bat monster hanging on the ceiling.


Flicking the throwing knife in the middle of my fingers like a dark, without reaction, it pierced through the bat’s neck.

The monster boringly died and fell, caught the knife, and put it back in my belt.

「So if you do it like this then you could easily defeat it」

『Just how did you do that right now』

『so cool』

『throwing skills on a perverted level』

『brute forcing with PS LOL』

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『I request something more suited to normal people』

「Actually their speed is not that much so if you get used to it then you could easily defeat them.
Just like this」

The 3 bats that came to me from the player in front, I smacked them in a nice tempo with my iron club.

Defense that can’t even handle a throwing knife, they easily fell.

「In the worst case you could just swing around your weapon or do an area attack magic to blow them away.
Though its a waste of MP」

In the first place bat is the weakest inside the cave.

It’s so weak that even if it bit you, there wouldn’t be that much damage to the players that came here.

It’s not like they have poison, so if you calmly deal with them, then they aren’t scary monsters.

「The scary ones are the goblins.
They are normally weaker than wolves but there are 3 higher ranks types.
There are hobgoblin, goblin mage, goblin archer, normally there are 1 of them in each group of goblins」

By the way, 1 group consists of 5-7 goblins.
If there are ranged enemies then, I honestly think that they are annoying enemies.

「Just that, it seems like the party before me had already beaten most of the enemies」


『So that’s why there aren’t any mobs』

『There are a too many players right now after all』

『There is something like, if you forcefully advance then you win』

「If you’re less than level 20 then the death penalty is short, so I think that its fine to advance right away when you have raised your level to a certain degree.
Since it seems like there aren’t really a lot of things that only the Town of beginnings has」

While relaxingly walking on, I smashed the incoming bats.

They had level 3 on display, and I feel the sad amount of exp coming to me.

before I knew it, I didn’t meet any goblins, and I had reached the boss room.

[9:01 AM]

This dungeon, though is even fine to call it a dungeon, it’s mostly just one straight way.

Is there no fun like searching for items? so there isn’t, okay.

「It seems like the people before me are fighting so, let’s wait for a bit」

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They are the rude guys that got the goblins before me.
Well, of course it’s a joke, rather they made it easy for me.

『Sukuna, do you normally play games?』

「Games you see, 6 years ago, I was doing it everyday.
Rin-chan likes games right? We did it together.
Though most recently we haven’t done it though」

While I was camping in front of the boss room, I took some time to chat with the viewers.

If I was alone then It’s fine for me to just wait and do nothing else.

『Your age is?』

「The same with Rin-chan.
Since we are childhood friends after all」

『Why are you able to move like that? are you doing sports or something?』

「I wonder why? I can do it because I can….I can only say that I guess?」

『Do you like blunt weapons?』

「Isn’t it easier to use than a sword? Though if I were to say something else, then I like the feeling when I hit something with it」

I continue to answer questions without any interruptions.

Are they playing right now or watching other streams? Right now there are about 300 people watching so I can catch up with the comments.

And then, the closed door opened up by itself.

Looks like the boss battle is done.

Did they win or did they lose, either way, it’s my turn next.

「Then let’s go~」

While I ready my body as I enter, I could feel the door behind me slowly closing.

No escaping, well that’s natural I guess.

Whatever it is, with the lightness of this game’s death penalty, there aren’t much meaning of gathering info while escaping.

There were tens of meters of passage beyond the door, and before that there was a hall.

It was quite spacious, in the center of the space that is about half the size of a school yard, there was a boss sitting cross-legged waiting for it.

Its height is about 2 and half meters.
Its red protruding muscles caught my eyes, and then there were 2 horns on top of its head.

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「Red Ogre, Level is 13….」

Honestly, after fighting Aria I was a bit disappointed with its rank.

Though it is still a boss monster.
I should better not lower my guard.

Pulling out the super iron club on me, I ran towards the howling ogre.

Up until I came to this point, I have gotten used to my body sensation that changed from the 7 levels increase.

While smiling at how my body was smoothly moving compared to when I was fighting the red wolf, I hit the club that the red ogre swung down with my iron club.


GOON(sfx) a huge sound came out, as our weapons clashed with each other.

Though I might be at disadvantage from swinging upward, it seems like our strength levels are the same, enough to compete with each other.

「You’re unexpectedly strong, I underestimated you a bit」

Though still.
Unfortunately its speed is overwhelmingly lacking.

I smoothly evaded the incoming swing again, and drove in my iron club with enough power on the ogre’s shin.


「Even if you’re not benkei, it’s still a weak spot」

The damage was about 10 percent.
If I consider using a skill then, after hitting 6 or 7 times, I could defeat it.

Even if I put in the fact that it could go berserk, something that usually happens in games, It will still be quite easy.

And then after 10 minutes.

「Did I got too strong….?」

While being flooded『obviously』comments, I looked over the boss that I beat to death, as it turned into polygons.


『Dungeon Boss Monster: Red Ogre is defeated』

『Dungeon: Caves of Trials cleared』

『2nd Town: Dualis , the path has opened』

『You obtained bonus status points』

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