162 Mumei and Konekomaru.

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November 30, 2021


After Haruru left, I realized a shocking fact!

“There’s nothing to do in the early morning.”

That’s right; there’s not much to do in the early morning and evening in the oni village.

We played in the village from noon tonight, so we didn’t anticipate this problem.
And I was planning to chop wood in the morning today.

“I wonder what I should do.
Should we go monster hunting outside the village?”

“Well, let’s take a look before we go outside.”

I’ve only checked the required strength values, and I haven’t properly looked at the stats yet.

Compared to the kanabou I’ve used in the past, this [Mumei] is quite slender and a bit shorter.
It’s more like a baseball bat than a kanabou.

While it’s thinner and smaller than the Kagenui and Yoiyami, its thickness is still twice of that normal bat.
So, it’s probably easier to use than the kanabou I bought in Trillia.


Item Name: Mumei

Rarity: High Rare, PM

Required Strength Value: 453

Attack Power: +148

Endurance value: 2569/2569

Category: [Blunt Weapon] [One-handed Mace]

There’s nothing much to say about it, so use it up as you see fit.

By Haruru

“Wait, isn’t this pretty powerful?”

What is this ridiculous attack power?

She usually writes flavor texts full of enthusiasm for her craft, but this time she left a very messy comment, so maybe she was telling the truth when she said she wanted me to use it up.

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“The required muscle strength is 453, the endurance is 2569, and the attack power is 148.
It’s just your everyday kanabou!”


“Right, this one is the smallest I’ve ever had, it doesn’t have much reach, but it’s easy to hold.”

When I shake it lightly, I hear a loud whooshing sound! Now I’m convinced that the weight of this was abnormal because of how the swing sounded.

“I’m getting a little excited, so let’s go beat up some monsters.”

“Did you know? when you have a good weapon in your hand, naturally, you will have the urge to crush some skull.”

<↑She do!>

“Hahaha, monsters must die, and there is no mercy.”

While chatting with listeners and heading out of the village, a familiar face comes from afar again.

However, unlike Haruru, this is the person I had originally promised to meet.
I was told that he would be here around noon, but it seems he arrived at the village much earlier than I expected.

“Ahaha, you look as fun as ever.”

“You’re early, Konekomaru.”

“I was so excited to see you again, after all.
I cannot contain this exciment.”

Cat!> {Neko}

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He’s a man with serious vibe with a different black light armor than before.

Yes, he is Konekomaru-san, the armor maker specializing in light equipment who made my Red Wolf Attire.

He doesn’t often show himself in my stream, but as the creator of my equipment, he’s quite well known here, and the viewers also have a good impression of him.

We didn’t make any small talk because Konekomaru cut straight to the point.

“Can I assume that you’re asking for new equipment?”

“As a matter of course, yes.
I got a lot of good materials, so I thought it was time to strengthen my Red Wolf Attire.”

“Fufufu, I’m honored to be able to make Miss Sukuna’s equipment again.
The Red Wolf Attire was a work of art, even for me.”

The [soul] dropped from the giant dragon Ars Nova and the [Kikoku no Tsumugi] material for race-specific equipment.
Thanks to both, I could request an upgrade for my equipment.

“If it’s all right with you, I’d like to see the [Kikoku no Tsumugi] right now? I’d like to see the actual thing.”

“Ah, sure.
Here is the thing…”

At Konekomaru’s request, I took out [Kikoku no Tsumugi] from my inventory.
It is just a black cloth in this state, so it does not look like a special material.

“Oh lord…, this is amazing.
It feels as good as the finest silk fabrics in the real world.
The developers must have gone to a lot of trouble to recreate this.”

“He’s become meta-Konekomaru.” {tln1}

“Ahaha, sorry, sorry.
I’m sorry, but it’s a nice fabric.
But it’s a really good antique.
Even without the performance, it’s probably the first material I’ve seen like this in virtual space.”

Konekomaru looked happy as he said this.

“Konekomaru, are you familiar with this kind of fabric?”

“I’m not an expert.
It’s just that my wife is a designer in real life.
So I’ve had a lot of opportunities to come into contact with this kind of stuff, although it’s only her hand-me-downs.”

You’re being modest, but doesn’t that mean you know a lot?

Well, I’ve heard that the more you become an expert, the more you realize that you know less than you previously thought.

Maybe Konekomaru is one of those people.

“To think of it, did Wanda design the Red Wolf Attire?”

“Yes, the detailed design was.
Whenever I design something, it tends to turn out to be crude, so she always helps me out.”

{Wan is the sound effect of Dog bark in japan}


Wanda is Konekomaru’s wife in real life.
They also play this game together and have been to an auction together before.

Just like a couple that has been spent their time for so many years.
They may not be that flirty to each other, but the way they look at each other is very passionate.

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“So, you’re sure you want to strengthen your red wolf costume this time?”

“That’s right.”

“Okay, I understand.
I’m sure you have the souls of the named from the recent event, right?”

“Yes, I do.
It was dropped from Ars Nova, but it seems it can only be used for strengthening, so I thought I’d use it here.”

“I’m sure there’s some reason for its exclusive use, but for now, let’s just think of it as a good material to use.”

The one that dropped from the giant dragon Ars Nova was the [Apostle’s Soul – Diva], a mass-produced [soul].

When I defeated Aria the Red Wolf, I got [Aria’s Soul – the Lone Red Wolf].
This time I expected I would get [Ars Nova’s Soul – the Giant Dragon of Waves] as a drop.

Combined with its usability, which can only be used for enhancement, it is an item that remains a mystery for now.

“However, thanks to the fact that the Named have been defeated quite a bit lately, their [soul] has become much more accessible.”

“Oh, I see.
Did you find any good ones?

“I’ve heard that the material from the [Les Reclaira{Resurekureira} – Great Wing of the Iron Flower] that spawn very rarely near Dualis is dropping quite high-quality material for magician armor.”


“[Les Reclaira], okay? The level is around 60.
It is said to be a good material to enhance your magic defense, but the catch is that the monster rarely appears.”

Reserukureira or Resurekureira? You have a hard name to pronounce.

Even the butterfly magi of the oni forest were already a very big butterfly… The emphasis this one had been on its wings, which meant that it was a very huge monster.

Looking for a clue, I glanced at the comment section and found a ridiculous comment.

That is genuinely a monster.
Thank you very much.

Even Apocalypse appeared near Dualis, was that place actually a gate to another world?

“Do you have any other materials I could use?”

“There are some materials from Ars Nova, but… they’re mostly used for armor and stuff.”

“I’d like to get some of those, but I don’t think they’ll work for strengthening the Red Wolf Attire.”

“I can give it to you if you like.
There’s no one but Haruru who wants it.”

“Really? Then I’ll take some of it as a cost for this production.”

Because Ars Nova materials are currently useless in my hand.

Some might use dragon shells, claws, horns, and scales to make hard weapons and armor.

But they’re not really suitable for enhancing red wolf armor, which is mainly made of cloth.

I couldn’t give them all away because Haruru would probably want them later, but some of it should be fine.

“Oh, I think this wing membrane can be used for your armor.”

“I see wing membranes.
I wonder if that dragon had any  wings…… Or did it?”

I’m sure it can’t fly, but it did have wings that could reduce the speed of falling.

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I’m glad I consulted Konekomaru.
I would never have been able to find a use for it.

“Okay, this is a pool of excellent materials.
I think we can expect this to strengthen your armor considerably.”

“All is good then.”

“Can I have three days to work on it? I want to take my time.”

“Three days is fine, as long as I get it back before the time I’m scheduled to fight the moon-wolf.
Which is in four days.”

Today is Saturday, and the full moon is four days later, on Wednesday.

On that day, I’m going to meet the moon wolf.
There is a possibility of a fight, and I would be in a bit of trouble if I didn’t have my Red Wolf attire by then.

Konekomaru seemed to understand this and nodded approvingly.

“Oh right, there’s going to be the Moon Wolf Fight.
Then I’ll have to make that the best armor I can.”

“Please do.”

After depositing all the necessary materials, I signed a contract with Konekomaru to receive the equipment in three days.

After confirming all the details, Konekomaru opened his mouth as if he suddenly remembered something.

“Speaking of which, do you have any equipment that can replace the Red Wolf Attire?”

“Yes, I have steel plate equipment and chainmail, which I used before…”

To think of it.
I’ve been fighting with just my Red Wolf Attire ever since I updated my armor in Dualis.

As a result of having made it this far without updating this armor, my steel armor also became the only thing left that I could equip if I parted with my red wolf armor.

“That’s almost on the level of initial equipment.
I’ll lend you one set since you’ll be as good as naked in Griffith.”

“Are you sure? Thank you very much!”

He lent me a set of cloth equipment on the level of Fias store equipment.
It has nomad-style looks.
It’s not as good as the red wolf costume in terms of defense or special effects, but it’s just as light.

“All right, I’m going to take a quick look around the village and then head back.”

“I’ll join you for a bit then, I’m got up too early and streaming,  but it turns out that there’s nothing I could do.”

“Oh, chopping wood, right? I’ve thought that’s interesting.”

“You’ve been watching?”

“Of course I did.”

Unlike Haruru, who turned back immediately after our conversation, Konekomaru seemed to be going on a sightseeing tour of the village.

I had nothing better to do, so I took advantage of the opportunity to accompany him on his tour.


The equipment that Sukuna received was Mongolian-style.

The red wolf costume, which has remained unchanged for over 130 episodes, is now finally strengthened…!

Tl note

{tln1} another Japanese joke that I’m not sure how to translate.
Think it as “Strange-konekomaru” or “alter-konekomaru”.

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