159 – Rinne’s Second name

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I left the virtual world and let out a sigh of relief.
It hadn’t been an exhausting day, but it had been a busy one.

It was already past eight o’clock, and I headed for the living room, wondering if I had kept Rin-chan waiting.

“Sorry, Rin-chan, I’m late.”

I opened the door to the living room and said that first, but there was no response from Rin-chan.

But if I listen carefully, I can hear a faint breath, and it seems that Rin-chan was taking a nap until this hour, which is unusual.

“Rin-chan… mmm, you’ve a fever.”

When I put my hand on her cheek, I could see that her temperature was much higher than normal.

Her face was also red, and she looked a little in pain.
maybe she’s got a cold, and it looks like she’s been taking some medicine, so I think it’s best not to wake her up now.

She probably hasn’t eaten anything since she’s Rin-chan, so I’ll prepare some healthy food for her.
I was about to leave the sofa to do some cooking when I was suddenly grabbed by her hand.


“Yes, it’s me.
Did I wake you up?”

“Mhmm… I’m just resting.
It’s alright.”

I gently supported Rin-chan as she tried to force herself up and sat next to her on the sofa with her back leaned to me.

I gently guided Rin’s head onto my thigh as she leaned toward me, looking a little dizzy even after leaning back on the couch.

“Is it painful?”

“…not really.
you know… It’s been a long time since I’ve been home, that’s why…”

Rin giggled.

This is what normally happens to Rin-chan once she runs out of energy.

To begin with, she’s not that sturdy, and she must have pushed herself pretty hard during the Apostle Event to keep playing for ten days in a row.

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Her sudden decision to return to her parents’ house must have been exhausting, and the happiness she felt when she met Ron and Toki must have piled up and spilled over.
To put it in another words, this condition was normal for her.

But it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to be there for Rin-chan, who’s fallen ill like this.

“Since a long time ago… It’s always me who gets taken care of….”

With her eyes slightly downcast, Rin-chan muttered to herself.

“Fufufu, I never get sick after all.”

I’ve never been sick in my entire life; my body is incredibly strong.
Lately, I’ve just been sleeping too much for some reason, but I can usually stay up all night for ten days and still feel fine.{tln}

When I was working part-time, I used to have trouble sleeping.

And maybe because Rin knows it too, she puckers her lips for a bit.

“… Really, that’s not fair.
You should at least share your body health a little.”

“I really wish I could share my wasted energy.”

I slowly ran my fingers through her hair, which was hanging down softly, while smiling at Rin’s face as she buried her face in my thigh.

Rin-chan, turning her body slightly sideways from her slouching position to make it easier to comb her hair, opens her mouth with an empty gaze.

“You know, Nana… I was dreaming…”

Rin’s eyes wavered as she said that.

She spoke with an anxious tone in her voice, perhaps because she was weak from her physical condition.

“I had a dream three about years ago when I won the WGCS… Not the All-Stars one, but the one when I stood at the top of the world in the individual division of Zero Wars 3.””

“Un… I watched it up yesterday too.”

Yesterday, Rin-chan and Touka-chan were talking about “those days.”

I wanted to know more about a time when Rin-chan was crazy about games, so I looked up her biography on the Internet.

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I wanted to know more about Rin-chan more than what I already knew.

Pro gamer Rinne.
The only [female] professional gamer in history to stand at the top of the WGCS.
In terms of prize money count alone, she’s one of the top ten gamers in history and a target of every gamer’s dreams.

This was a title that was too big for Rin to bear.

In the world of esports, men and women are supposed to be able to compete equally, regardless of gender differences in physique and strength.
However, despite flourishing far beyond its early days, professional gamers are still an overwhelmingly male-dominated society.

There are only a handful of female professional gamers who have achieved success in top-tier tournaments.
There was a time when Rin was ridiculed as a crowd-pleaser and underestimated because she was a woman.

Then she overcame all of that with her power and silenced them with a trophy.
At that point, she had achieved an indisputable position.

“It’s funny to think about my wild-self back then, but at that time… I was really strong.
I was a monster three years ago.
I was so strong that I could definitely win against Nana.”

“That much?”

“Yes, I was.
Right… at that time, I was so dominating that I was given a lot of terrible nicknames.”

Then Rin-chan chuckled.

She seemed to be getting a little more comfortable, and her speech was becoming much smoother.

According to the Rinne Wiki written by volunteers, Rin-chan was like a mad dog that would bite anyone and everyone back then.

Her style of play wasn’t smart and charming like it is now, but rather fiendish, with her tendency to trample her opponents to the ground.
She was a tyrant who didn’t care about anything as long as she won, an omnivore, appearing in all kinds of genres as if she wanted to crush every gamer except herself.

It was unknown who was the first to give her [Evil Rinne] nickname.
{Also can be translated as Demon Beast Rinne – Kyojuu Rinne}

In addition to this, there are many other names for her at the time, such as [Monstorous]{Kaibutsu}, [Devilish]{Akuma}.

The whole thing doesn’t sound like the name you’d expect to give a young girl.

So I don’t think it’s wrong when she said that she was given a lot of terrible names.

“Maybe it’s because I’m going to a big tournament for the first time in a long time.
…I had a very nostalgic dream.”

“Did you have fun?”

“Fufu, yes.
It was a lot of fun….
It’s kind of my starting point as a professional gamer.”

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Rin-chan smiled at me, squinting her eyes as if she was getting a little sleepy.

“It might be nice to fight as we did back then…”

“When you used to play with me… the time you were a fierce captain, huh? Indeed, to be honest, it was uncomfortable for me to see you play a sophisticated mage like you do now.”

That’s right.
The most memorable moment was when Rin-chan and I filmed a video called “Zero Wars Pair Match,” where we won’t finish the map before we lost.

Of the nearly 150 consecutive wins we had, about 120 of them were won by Rin-chan’s constant suicide attacks to get kills.
The rest of the wins was mine, where I managed to keep going when Rin-chan died on her suicide mission.

At the end, when Rin-chan accidentally fell asleep, she shot my character in the head, which stopped her winning streak.
Ever since she was little, Rin has always had a push-and-pull playing style.

“That reminds me….”

In response to my words, Rin-chan let out an absent-minded voice.
Her tone of voice, which had been fluent until a moment ago, was becoming slightly hollow.

She seemed to have gotten sleepy again while talking to me.
It was cute to see her fighting sleepiness with her eyes fluttering, but it was probably not a good idea for a sick person to try so hard to stay awake.

“Are you sleepy?”

“No, I’m not sleepy.”

“Okay, okay.”

“I’m really not sleepy.” {tln}

I pulled Rin off the couch and rolled her down onto her back, leaving her face buried in my stomach.

I put my hands behind her back and knees, then gave her a princess hug, and Rin-chan didn’t hesitate to put her hands around my neck.

“Fumu… I missed this.
You used to carry me like these many times in the past.”

“You were never that strong to begin with, right? Rin-chan?”

As we walked to the bedroom, we talked about nostalgic stories.

Rin-chan was so happy to be held in princess carry after a long time, and her expression was so loose that I couldn’t believe the difference in how dignified she usually was.

When I rolled her onto her bed, she rolled around on the king-sized bed.

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Yeah, it really feels like we’re going back in time.

In the past, she used to jump up and down on the bed and then run out of energy and breath.

According to Toki, by the time she came to lecture her about the noise she was making, I was already nursing her, so she couldn’t really get angry.

“tsuu… tsuuu……” {cute snoring sound}

“She fell asleep already….fufu, how cute.”

I’m not sure if it’s because she was sick, but she suddenly stopped moving and was already in her slumber without me noticing.

I put a futon on top of her to prevent her cold from worsening, and I crawled into the same futon.

If I hadn’t been sleeping with her when she woke up, there was a high probability that she would be upset.
I’m pretty sure it’s because she’s always like that when she’s sick.

“Ack…, I haven’t eaten……”

I gave up on my meal since I was surprisingly felt tired and wanted to sleep too.
I hope that Rin’s cold will be gone by tomorrow.

I let go of my consciousness, earnestly hoping so.


A note:

We touched on a bit of Rinne’s past and slept with her.
Though Rinne isn’t as weak as Ron, she does sick once in a while.

By the way, Nana has a strong body that will never get sick no matter what, so even if she has the flu, she can still sleep with it.
She is very strong.

Tl note

mental fatigue Nana, no matter how strong your body is, your mind is a separate matter, unless you are a natural-born socio/psychopath too….

Almost got nosebleed a couple times in this chapter.
Weak Rinne is the best Rinne.

And sorry… I don’t know what effect to use in the ‘cute snoring’ sound.

After this… we got BBS thread… which is a pain in the ass to translate, not hard, just pain in the ass with all-new names that will appear.
I’m bad at memorizing names.

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