Chapter 12

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『Player: Sukuna’s death confirmed』

『Respawn Point Confirmed――You will be teleported to the Town of Beginning』

『Current Level 21――Death Penalty is 6 hours』

『Please check Help regarding the penalty』

Before I noticed it I was standing at the plains where I did the initial setting, and the announcement reverberated continuously.

When it was all announced, feeling just like during the initial settings, I was sent to the fountain plaza at the 《Town of Beginning》.

「aaaaaaah…..I wasn’t able to get a perfect win……phew….」

From silence to hustle and bustle.
I didn’t even have the will to stand up, and sat on the seats on the fountain as I breathed some air.

My body was filled with satisfaction and fulfillment.

You could say that you could count it in my top 5 best feeling experience.

This world is the best.

I now understand what Rin-chan said.

If it’s this world then, I can live freely.

While feeling the effect of the boiling adrenaline and the excitement cool down, I slowly breathe out and stand up.

「Ah, I was still live streaming….」

Did it separate from me when I was respawning? before I knew it the recording crystal was floating near me and I remembered.

Opening the comment section in which I didn’t know when I closed it, the huge amount of comment was moving just like an avalanche.

Spacing out as I was looking at the comments, suddenly, another number came into my vision.

Total number of watchers 12,307.

「12000 !?」



『Nice Reaction』

『After all there were only 100 at first』

『I saw Sukuna-chan’s brave figure ya know』

『Where was did brave figure from before go?』

『It’s just like a different person』

『Looks like a Sukuna-chan dual personality theory it is』

『Battle-type AI equip model player』

『Sounds like we are going to be Terminated』

Looking at it dumbfounded, the comment section was commenting as much as they wanted.

After all there are 12000.
this is impossible.

Though it was commented on, even though in the beginning there was only 100.

well, right now it’s really decreasing quickly though.

「Wait, an hour and a half already passed!!」

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Looking at the time at the menu, Even though the fight started around 7, it was already 8.

Even though today might be a day off, are you guys fine watching this stream so early?

I’m happy though.

Ah, now that I think about it, I was somehow about to defeat the red wolf before I died.

There was notice for it too.
I need to check it.

「I’m a bit sorry but, I will be checking the result so I won’t be talking for a while」

『ya sure』

『tell us later(muttering)』


『That wolf was named boss monster it seems』

『Checking the reward is a blissful moment』

Named Boss Monster?

I don’t really get it but, there is no mistake that it’s strength is incomparable to the monsters surrounding the town of beginning.

So you could say at least that it’s the leader of the south plains, is it?

Though, the viewer-who-explained-about-durability-san said that it was a boss monster right? I forgot about it since I immediately went into battle.

For now, let’s check the result of a lot of things one by one.


Title 《Red Wolf’s Pride》

The title given to the subjugator of the Red Wolf of Isolation, Aria.
Increase in reputation to the NPC of the 《Town of beginning》and its surrounding area, and also a part of NPC from other areas.

Title 《Named Boss Hunter》

The title given to the subjugator of a Named Boss Monster.
Reputation increased to some NPCs.

Title 《Challenger of the Strong》

The title given to someone who fought and won against a monster 10 or more levels higher without forming a party.


For now the Titles.
All of them had contents you could understand why you got them.

First is 《Red Wolf’s Pride》.
it seems like it raises your reputation among the NPC, which is really unclear.

And, the same with 《Named Boss Hunter》 regarding that.

Most likely, I think that it gives you some sort of advantage on quests with NPCs.
It feels like I could get some sort of rare quest.

For 《Challenger of the Strong》, it seems like it’s just flavor text with no other effects.
Well, it looks like it’s fine even if it’s just a normal monster above 10 levels so I guess that’s fine.

Next is regarding the accessory 《The Proof of the Named Solo Subjugator》

This was something the same as the title.


[8:55 PM]

Item: 《The Proof of the Named Solo Subjugator》

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Category: Accessory

Effect: An orichalcum-made necklace given by the gods when you subjugated a Named Boss monster alone.
Equipping it greatly raises the reputation and trust from some NPCs.


This item, too, raises my impression on NPCs.

With this much effects piled up, I am curious about just how they will interact with me.

At least there was nothing written about decreasing so, there shouldn’t be any demerits

Since there is nothing to lose, it’s not a bad idea to just equip it.

By the way, about the orichalcum necklace, it looks like a small orichalcum plate with metal chains attached to it, looking at it, it just looks like a normal necklace.

Though I wonder what orichalcum is?

Though it’s the staple metal in games, having it in my hands like this feels mysterious.

In this game it looks like bluish white metal.

Leaving the orichalum aside, let’s check the skill next.


《Ravenous Wolf 》Skill

Category: Rare

Cooldown: 24 hours

When the Skill is activated it consumes 1% HP every 3 seconds.

During activation, the value of strength and agility is increased by 50%.
Toughness and Magic resistance reduced by 50%

During activation all kinds of recovering effects are disabled, time based continuous damage(poison, bleed, burning and etc) is doubled.

Dying while activated, death penalty will increase by 2 fold.

Invoking key words 《Starve and Eat, Wolf’s king fang》

Cancellation keywords 《My hunger is fulfilled》

※This Skill has no mastery.


「What in the world is this?」

If I am to word it up then, it’s peaky? (9: couldn’t find an english term for it, so peaky means in game that it’s really hard to use, very conditional, very specialized and etc)

《Ravenous Wolf》skill is a very specialized reinforcement skill.

In exchange for having strong buffs, there is also a huge demerit with it.

I can understand the HP consumption.
It doesn’t look like it’s the same skill but, it looks the same skill was what the red wolf used in the end.

Having the strength and agility increased but in exchange having your defense weak, well, it should be fine.

And regarding the demer it’s, aren’t it just too much? well, I didn’t really think of it that way.

Well, basically it’s 「If you want to properly use it, evade all attacks, and have counter plans against slip damage okay」I think.
The 2 fold death penalty and it’s looks too have quite an impact.

And it looks like there are chuuni-like words set in it too.

High risk, High Return.

Just that, it certainly suits my battle style.

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Personally just having this one skill 《Ravenous Wolf 》, is enough to greatly satisfy me, it might be really good stuff.

And then, the remaining named item 《Red Wolf of Isolation -Aria- ‘s Soul》.

With A really special looking bonus reward from its name, I’m a bit excited.


Item: Red Wolf of Isolation -Aria-‘s Soul

Rarity: Named

A soul that the Red Wolf of Isolation -Aria- very rarely leaves behind.

You can use it for making equipment, the item made using this item will have it’s rarity compelled to have 《Named》.

※Rarity: Named item are, it is impossible to change owners but, it could be lent with a contract.



It was something that is really confusing to judge.

Rarity: Named.
I haven’t heard of anything like that at all.

In the first place rarities are, Common, High common, Rare, High rare, Epic, Legend, there are 6 ranks of these that were written at the official site.

But, in addition to that there is this PM, in other words, Player Made, written there.

This is to distinguish from drops, in short, it’s to show proof that it’s a created product.

For example, If it’s a player made weapon then, regardless of strength, what will be written there is 《PM》.

(something like Rarity: Named, there shouldn’t be anything about this on the official site.
However, looking from the description of the item , it does not mean that it’s something that drops for one time only right?)

The subject that makes you hesitate to even mutter it, I thought about it in mind.

If you believe in the description of《Red Wolf of Isolation -Aria- ‘s Soul》, written there, it’s that it should drop「very rarely」.

I don’t really get anything regarding Named Boss monsters so I don’t have any concrete proof but, you can probably get it if you 「Farm」for it.

Then, there should be enough chance that other places had also obtained 「Rarity: Named」Items.

I’d hesitate if you’d ask me if I’d want to fight that monster of the league again and again but, it’s hard to think that only 1 player can get this kind of item.

Excluding the reward to the players who ranked high in the game events, it shouldn’t be allowed for just boss monsters to have a「one and only item」as drop.

Thinking back on the notices, I feel like it said 「First time subjugation bonus」.

I don’t know whether it was the reward for the first time the 「Red Wolf Aria」being defeated, or is it a reward for my first time defeating 「Red Wolf Aria」.

But, getting the drop item for only one battle, I think that it’s possible that it’s different from being lucky.

(Well, I’ll just ask Rin-chan, If I searched a player’s walkthrough there should be some sort of info)

While I was a bit worried about only looking at the official site’s simplified walkthrough, I decided to ask Rin-chan when I am troubled.

「Whaa, there are a lot of red wolf drops…..and if I take a look at it my level is also raised by 7.
Wow, I also received 30 status points different from leveling up…..」

Since after this part, there was nothing lost if I mutter it so, Me who got tired of being silent , decided to leak it out.

The increased status point was probably the part where the notice said about the bonus.
Maybe if you defeat a unique boss then you could get some status point.

Since 30 is enough for 6 levels then that’s a lot.

Regarding the red wolf aria’s material, let’s put those on hold for now.

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including 《Red Wolf of Isolation -Aria- ‘s Soul》too, I want to use it for making equipment but, just in case I want to confirm it with Rin-chan.

「Ah, that’s right, I need to check the death penalty too」

『There is death penalty?』

『There is』

『It’s on the lower side for beginners』


『Though this game’s death penalty is not that bad 』

Mostly just a leaked muttering, and looking at the comment section, I opened the help section at the menu screen.

Reading it, I understand what the info regarding death penalty, it was not hat hard to understand.

Death penalty is basically for 6 hours.

It’s effect is simple, while in death penalty, all your status is reduced by half, and you can’t gain exp.

Just that.

Though I might have died, I won’t lose money nor, have my item or exp stolen.

The only harm in it is that there is no profit in going outside the field.

It’s quite common in some games that when you die your level reduces and your money gets lost too.

Just like that what in the comments said, it’s not that bad of a death penalty.

However, beginners below Level 20 only have a death penalty reduced for 1 hour!

Though since I have become level 21 it’s now 6 hours though!

Well, the aim for leveling up was already achieved, so I think it’s fine to rest for 6 hours.

I who just checked all of the results, decided too log out once and talk with Rin-chan properly since I have a death penalty after all.

Since I said that I will be streaming this afternoon so, right now it still not yet 9 , so they should still be watching me now

「Since I have death penalty for 6 hours so, I also have a lot to check on too so I will be logging out for now.
Since there are some items I want to buy too, I will be starting the stream early about 1 in the afternoon」

『Well, it can’t be helped』

『since it was such a sudden boss battle after all』

『It was like a movie』

『I’m glad that I woke up early』

『I’m expecting a result report time later』

『I’m really looking forward to it』

「Well, then thank you so much for being early.
I’ll be off now」





After looking at the comment for some time, I pressed the log out button on the menu screen, and while feeling the floating sensation that I have gotten used to in the past few days, I went out of the cyber world.

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