Chapter 1 – Prologue 1

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Prologue 1


Sitting on the bench on the part while spacing out as I was looking at the sky, I took a sip out of the apple juice in my hand.

In the Middle of May the skies are cruelly clear, might it be good to look at but it also looks so widely empty.

Taking a look at the ingredients of the juice on my hands, ” I wonder what this mysterious liquid of a fructose grape syrup is?” I have so much time on my hands right now that I am thinking of such a pointless thing.

「It has been a long time since I’ve been this bored」

Being bewildered by this slow pace that I don’t know how many years it has been, I took out the clear file out of a rag of a bag.

What was inside was a simple resume that I bought at the convenience store, filling one for it has been a long while, it was filled in a few minutes with smoothly written contents.

Though I couldn’t find the essential use for it right now, it’s better to prepare one of these early.

Futayado Nanako.
Female, 21 years old Freeter.

With an academic background of a middle school graduate, Being a laborer, a daily employer, pachinko clerk and etc, experiencing various part time jobs, and now i have arrived at this moment.

If I were to summarize what was written on the resume, it’s looks like that.

Could let me talk about myself for a bit?

I…no longer have my parents.
They died during my third year of middle school in a traffic accident.

At that time I was sad and it was hard but I didn’t have the time to be worried.

The one who became my guardian was my Aunt from my mother’s side, it’s a family like the Big Daddy tv show, it was a big family having 12 kids.
(note: there seems to be a TV show named big daddy in Japan)

Uncle was earning a lot but the livelihood was tough so, if I insert myself there it would become more of a tightrope livelihood where it’s more harder to live.

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If I was to add more a house that I don’t know, and a place where there was almost no privacy.

Even though I know that I don’t have the right to complain, I was nothing but an「Outsider」.

That’s why in exchange for giving all the inheritance to my Aunt and Uncle, I would have them do the formalities so that I could live by myself.

They didn’t agree right away but, in the end, they gave up on my resolution.

And since then to earn my rent and food I worked part time jobs everyday.

All the work that a middle school graduate like me could do was mostly physical labor, but still to me who is good with moving my body, I think it was my calling.

Since then, I have been working on physical labor jobs, earning money and sending the rent to my Aunt and Uncle.

And it has been 6 years since I have graduated from middle school, it’s somewhat of a pride to me that I could earn my own money and live.

By the way, when I became an adult, actually I realized that my Aunt and Uncle didn’t use the inheritance I gave them.

「A kid should worry about it」and a fist dropped on me, and It has been years since I cried, it became such a memory.

The inheritance was returned but it had stayed as my savings in case something happened.
Since it was not enough to live on for my whole life.

And why I, who is a part timer warrior, is spacing out sitting on a bench at a park on a morning weekday.

There isn’t really any deep meaning in it.

I have been working part time jobs with no rests, I have been living aimlessly but, the 3 pillars of my part time job work places went bankrupt.

And those 3 places where I placed all my schedule for 7 days a week, it was a huge blow to me.

With the sadness of why those 3 places went bankrupt, and the me who knew that they would go bankrupt, who didn’t look for new posts, I was amazed with my stupidness.

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Well, since I have been working non stop without rest for 3 years, you can say t

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