Getting up in the morning was always the hardest part for me since being reborn in this world.

Every day has been torture for me being looked down on like trash and beaten just because I am an orphan with an unawakened bloodline.

My name might be Qingting Feng in this life but in my old life, I was just Logan Whitlock who was a teenage loner with no friends and a family who barely even noticed him.

The only thing he enjoyed doing was reading fantasy novels where the main character is reborn as an OP existence with heaven-defying talent or some other kind of golden finger like for example a system.

He read these novels and wished that was him in those other worlds who possessed great power while having wondrous adventures and building a harem full of beauties but all he could do was wish he was in one of those novels.

Recently before his death, Logan had been very interested in Xianxia novels as well as Wuxia novels but who would have thought he would die and be reborn into one.

It was a dream come true at least thats what he thought at first until reality showed him the ugly truth.

That things like golden fingers or systems belong only in the realm of fantasy and the reason why geniuses are even called geniuses is that they are a special existence that are rarely ever born and the cruelest lesson of all.

Nobodies who waste their lives doing nothing except dreaming of being great while foolishly believing that they are the center of everything without ever even putting forth the effort to be great can never possess such heaven-defying gifts.

Reality truly showed him he had been a fool trying to escape his own world by immersing himself in a fake one and now it stuck him into a real hell.

A hell where he is just a worthless punching bag with no future but through all the pain and self-loathing he finally learned a good lesson that to be strong he must work harder and push himself to the limit.

This is why he worked at such a young age farming and saving his money so that he can build a future for himself and become a mighty powerhouse one day.

Getting up in the morning is hard for me but my plans for the future drive me to get up every day and work harder than ever before.

So I get up to go to work in the fields come home then eat then go to sleep get up again and do this every day while also dealing with the abuse I suffer from everyone else for two years until finally, the day came.


(Time Skip)

A frail young boy who looked to be only six years old walked with shakey steps through the woods to an old withered tree he then proceeded to dig up a large cloth sack full of coins.

Finally, after so long and so much pain, its time for my life to turn around theres only a week left till the ceremony, and tomorrow there taking kids to the capital to awaken their bloodlines said Qingting Feng as he smiled with his dry cracked lips.

Qingting Feng was overjoyed he finally saved up one million coins for the entrance fee after three years of tirelessly working in the fields and saving up every single penny possible it was time.

He was practically bursting with joy as he skipped toward his house with a large ear-to-ear smile plastered to his withered young face until he felt a sharp blow to his head.

It all went dark after that he awoke to the sun setting in the sky and a horrible pounding pain on the back of his head he touched the stop where it hurt the worst and felt something warm and wet on his hand he looked and realized it was blood.

Qingting got up with great difficulty as his legs were shaking violently and his head was spinning.

He was confused and had a tough time remembering what happened to him and why he was out here in the woods then he remembered why he was here.

Wheres my money!!! yelled a dazed Qingting Feng as he frantically looked around for his hard-earned cash but he found no signs of it.

Its not here why is it not here where the ** could it be!!! screamed an enraged and sobbing Qingting Feng.

Someone must have taken it but who could it have been who would take it hell who would have even known about it I buried my money under the roots of an old tree in the middle of the woods for Christs sake.

Then it dawned on him who it was that stole his money recently a group of boys around his age started harassing him even when he was working they mock him and throw stones at him.

Wait stones thats it Qingting Feng looked around and found a bloody rock not too far away from him it wasn very big so it means it was most likely thrown it must be them and I know why they did it too.

Every year children from the village go to the capital to awaken their bloodlines well if their parents can pay for it that is but not all children awaken the first time this doesn mean they won ever awaken just that there not ready to awaken yet.

The boys who stole his money are kids who didn awaken their first time so they need to try again but the entrance fee for the ceremony is very expensive so they must have taken it because their parents couldn afford it this year.

Those mother **ers Ill kill them I actually worked for that money I paid for it with my blood, sweat, and tears its gonna be a cold day in hell before I let this go no more lying down and taking their shit there gonna pay with there lives.

Qingting marched to his house and lifted up one of his floorboards and pulled out a rusty sickle that he borrowed from his job he had decided to keep it just encase he needed to defend himself yes its for defending myself.

Qingting walked out of his house and quietly made his way through the woods he looked for any traces of the boys and after a while, he found tracks that belonged to young boys and followed them.

Eventually, he heard voices coming from nearby he followed them and saw a familiar face it was Xiao Tu that slimy bastard.

He had my bag of coins and was even playing with them throwing them up into the air and biting them with his buck teeth.

Qingting tried to control his growing rage as he listened to that stupid rabbit boy monologue to himself.

Hahahaha it was too easy all I had to do was follow that stupid orphan to see where he kept the pay he earned at that farm and low and behold it was buried under an old tree in the woods it was just too easy to steal it to a rock to the head and that was it now I can do whatever I want with his money while all he can do is cry his eyes out in the woods my only regret is not being able to see him balling like a hahahaha.

That son of a bitch you know what Im gonna kill him Im really gonna kill him he hit me with a rock to confuse me and make me believe it was someone else then stole my money that took three years to earn when that rabbit faced bastard all ready awakened his bloodline years ago.

Thats right Xiao Tu awakened his bloodline when he was seven but the bloodline awakened was the fanged rabbit bloodline it was a very common and weak bloodline.

Xiao Tu couldn join a sect because no one wanted him with his weak bloodline, not even the military that excepted practically everyone so he was forced to return home where he was bullied and beaten by the other village kids who awakened better bloodlines.

Plus Xiao Tu couldn cultivate since he had no money or talent and didn belong to a sect so while all the other kids of his generation joined sects or entered the kingdoms military he was forced to remain here as a mortal and be constantly mocked by his own village people.

However, just because he has no future doesn excuse the fact he stole from me and robbed me of my future.

Yes, Im gonna sneak up and cut his throat, not like anyone would care if he died his parents and really the whole village disliked Xiao Tu they all thought he was a worthless burden.

So if he just disappeared no one would investigate or even really talk about it so Im definitely going to kill him for taking my coins but I must be careful.

Even though he hasn cultivated he still awakened a bloodline so he is stronger than a normal human but since its a weak bloodline its not by much I can win if my sneak attack is successful but no matter what I will kill him.

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