It was a crisp autumn morning in a small remote village.

The leaves of the trees had turned into a myriad of wondrous colors as they fell to the ground.

Young children around the ages of five laughed and played as adults worked in the fields harvesting the last of the wheat in preparation for the oncoming winter.

Well, all the children except for one little boy who looked to be no older than four years old.

He wore tattered clothes which were more like stitch-together rags than real clothing.

His body was gaunt and covered in dark bruises and small cuts.

The boys face which should be chubby and full of happiness for a child his age instead looked hollow with his sunken cheeks and his cold lifeless eyes devoid of emotion or innocence.

The young boy swung a rusty sickle which was too large for a boy his age to even pick up however the boy still swung the sickle in one hand cutting down the wheat and placing it in a large basket on his back.

The basket was several times bigger than the boy it would be difficult for even a grown man to lift that big wicker basket but he still managed to drag it across the ground and place the wheat he harvested inside.

The boy hacked down wheat from dawn till dusk and when he was done he walked toward an old farmer who gave him a few measly coins and a hard loath of stale bread.

The boy however could not complain after all for a penniless orphan like him it was better than nothing.

The boy wasted no time and walked in a quick manner that was a little less than running into the woods where he dug into the ground under the roots of an old tree and took out a cloth sack.

The bag contained thousands of coins but for what the boy wanted this amount was still not enough.

He placed the few coins into his old cloth sack and buried them under the roots of the old tree before heading back into the village.

On his way to the village, the boy mentally prepared himself for what was going to happen to him but the boy could only hope that this was one of the rare days where he isn abused.

After a while, he reached his home on the outskirts of the village it was a small dilapidated heap of old slightly rotting wood that smelled damp and moldy.

He hated his crappy house but once again he had to face the fact that he was only an orphan who had no parents or family to care for him so he just had to deal with it.

He was about to go inside his little hovel until he felt a kick land on his stomach sending him flying backward onto the hard ground.

It took all the boy had to hold in his tears and not vomit all over himself after taking that strong blow to his gut.

The boy slowly raised his head and saw a person standing in front of him so today was one of those days as well at this point all I can hope for is the beating to at least be not too bad this time.

The boy tried to look at things positively but no matter how you look at the situation it all ends with the boy being beaten to a bloody pulp but by now he was used to it.

Hehehehe hows it going you loser Qingting Feng.

The boy whose name was Qingting Feng looked at his assaulter and immediately recognized who he was his name was Xiao Tu but everyone just called him rabbit boy because he looked a lot like a rabbit.

He had pointy rabbit-like ears and a pair of large buck teeth that stuck out of his mouth giving him a prominent overbite.

He was fifteen years old but he spent most of his free time bullying Qingting Feng like most of the other children in the village.

The reason for this near-constant bullying is because Xiao Tu is also bullied by everyone else in fact Xiao Tu used to be the village punching bag until Qingting Feng arrived.

Xiao Tu now bullied him because thats what everyone else did to him and now hes just venting his built-up frustrations on Qingting Feng.

Qingting Feng knew this but it still pissed him off because he had nothing to do with all of that bullying Xiao Tu went through and now Xiao Tu is doing exactly what those guys did to him by beating me this bastard was nothing but a hypocrite.

Hey, loser quit spacing out when Im talking to you! yelled Xiao Tu as he stomped on Qingting.

Qingting endured it all not making any noise or even changing his emotionless expression Qingting learned that crying and begging accomplishes nothing except a worse beating so he did nothing.

Xiao Tu hit him a few more times but seeing no discernable reaction from Qingting Feng he snorted and decided to leave.

Its no fun if you don cry and beg whatever Ive got better stuff to do anyway spat out Xiao Tu as he walked off.

Qingting waited until he was sure he left before getting up and heading inside his house there was no furniture or even a bed instead there was only an old scratchy blanket and that was all he had other than the clothes on his back.

He laid on top of the blanket and after he ate his stale bread he fell asleep as soon as he closed his eyes after a hard day of work and that beating he was exhausted.

This was how his life had been for as long as he could remember it was get up go work in the fields hide my money go home get beaten eat but only if my food wasn stolen by the bully who was beating me then fall asleep only to wake up the next day and repeat the cycle all over again.

It was okay though just two more years if he can endure for that long he will have enough money to go to the awakening ceremony in the capital and all I have to do is awaken a good enough bloodline then my life will turn around.

All Qingting Feng could do was wait and have faith that everything will turn out all right but fate is too cruel.

Especially to this boy who reincarnated from another world.

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