I wondered why Nathan told me to be careful with my words. Did I speak wrongly? Or was it a wagging tongue?

I rode the elevator to the first floor and stood before the office door, getting a little nervous. I don know why but it felt like a knock on the door would change my life for good. The tales about him gives people the impression that hes a demon in human clothing.

Is he a devil, dragon or alligator? I needed to be prepared for anything. With that in mind, I raised my hand and knocked. That and also the fact that the receptionist kept glaring at me to go in already.

”Come in! ” Came the response. The voice sounded cold and fierce but nonetheless, I opened the door.

There and then, I caught the chill from his aura. A very domineering and hard hearted aura. This man looked at me with sharp black eyes. I wasn sure if his eyes were really black because I didn have the nerve to look straight into them. If looks could kill, Id probably be dead by now. He took in a breath and asked;

”Who are you? ” There was no surprise there.

Stay calm Tasha, hes just a man. I can do this I told myself but I couldn stop shaking. This guy made me feel scared and insecure, why? No, more importantly, how?

He turned his gaze to the laptop in front of him. I could tell he wasn going to bother himself with a nobody like me. I was also sure he knew who I was because, not just anyone could walk in through those doors.

”If you can talk, get out! ” He glared at me. I quickly summoned the boldness to speak.

”My name is Tasha Dale, your new dri…driver! ” I finally got out my words while thinking of all sort of nonsense. was that right? Did I say it right? Should I bow? His last name is King afterall my head was spinning.

Oscar King, my new boss, was so terrifying. No wonder his drivers all died. They must have been scared out of their wits and died. If anyone told me he was a mafia, Id totally believe it.

But Oscar King, aside from being terrifying, looked so… Perfect! I mean his looks, they were to die for. But, why do I get the feeling that weve met before?

After the silence, came the storm. Oscar stood up from his seat and walked towards me. My instincts yelled at me to retrace my steps but I was frozen stiff on my feet. I couldn move and just stood there as he approached me.

He stopped just inches away from me, his mighty figure towering over me. I was sure he was 190cm tall at the least and I was just 170cm tall. I felt like a mouse beneath him.

He took a step closer, now he was really towering over me. He leaned down to look me in the eye.

”Do you know who I am? ” He asked

”I do! ” I answered. All of a sudden, I started speaking out of line. ”You
e the famous, young and powerful CEO of Leos finance company, Oscar King. You
e feared and adored worldwide. You have a say in the countrys distribution of import and export goods. A word from you could break storms in the economys produce system. ” I just blurted out whatever came to mind. Luckily, I did my homework.

I was sure guys like Oscar liked being praised, so I did some research just to please him but, his face didn look pleased at all. The cold frown on his face didn shift a bit. That was when I realized I had spoken too much.

I covered my mouth and stepped backwards. Thank God I could move my feet. I felt anxious and the same time awkward.

”And you are also my new boss, sir! ” I added, hoping that would cool his temper. I just wanted to keep walking back, as far away as possible but I ran out of luck as my back touched the door.

”Tell me, who hired you? ” His question said it all. He didn like me.

”Na…Nathan! Mr Nathan! ” I stuttered. He scanned me from head to toe. I couldn predict what hed do next. His actions were completely unpredictable to me but…

”Why would Nathan hire a weak little boy like you? ” Uh?

Little boy? Did I hear correctly? He thought I was a boy? I looked at him confused.

”Are your capabilities upscale? Are you experienced? How did you get qualified? ” His questions hit me but what worried me most was that he thought I was a boy. I looked down at my boobs, they were completely flat. I didn wear earrings and my face, there was nothing special about it. If anything, Id be mistaken as a sissy boy so, he wasn to blame for mistaking me to be a boy.

The good thing was that, his expression was no longer scary or fierce so, if he wanted to look at me that way then, I didn have a problem.

”Have you suddenly gone mute? ” He asked and I nodded but quickly shook my head on realizing.

”Um, no sir! ” I answered feeling awkward.

e probably an amateur, not a professional at all. You won last a day. ” He said and retreated to his desk. What did he mean by that? ”You should know that being my driver comes with a lot of risk, thats why the pay is high. ”

”High? ” My ears stood ”How much are we talking about here? ” I spat out without thinking which caused him to raise an eyebrow at me. He probably thought that I cared about the money more than the danger. I mean, who doesn like money?

”If you can survive a day, youll get paid a million! ” He said and my eyes lit up with interest. So much cash!

Then it all came to light when I thought of how dangerous the job was going to be.

”When you said dangerous, what exactly did you mean? ”

”Assassins on the road, hired killers and arranged accidents! ” He listed and my jaws dropped. That was indeed the definition of dangerous.

is it too late to return the uniform? I thought. I wanted to refuse the job immediately but the thought of the money wouldn let me. I was already bewitched by the large amount I could earn in a single day. Besides, my driving skills were superb.

Other than underground fighting, I also did a little bit of car racing. I made quite a name for myself. Raptor Dale was everywhere in the underground business.

After earning for a whole week, Id be a millionaire. Then, I wouldn worry about my dad wasting the shitty money. I smiled to myself feeling proud of my decision.

Oscar gave me a look that I could tell, was not good. Honestly speaking, I had already started dreaming about getting myself a whole new wardrobe and even buy a car while I was at it.

”Ill do it? ” I accepted boldly.

”If you die, I won have anything to do with it! ” He declared and my right eye twitched. Did this guy bury his conscience somewhere?

So cruel! I quickly adjusted my expression. ”Thats not a problem, cause I won die! ” I said confidently.

Oscar kept silent for a while, probably analyzing the situation. This didn just have to do with my life, his was also involved. I wanted to ask why so many people wanted him dead but I refrained and constantly reminded myself of what Nathan said.

”Ill get off work in two hours! Be here on time, I hate slackers the most! ” He glared at me and I flinched.

”Yes sir! ” I made a salute, thinking that was the right thing to do.

”Leave now. ” He waved me away while massaging his nose bridge. He seemed to be stressed out. Duh, who wouldn be, when so many people wanted you dead?!

I left the office and dashed towards the elevator as fast as I could. Once the elevator doors closed, I heaved a sigh of relief. It was so terrifying being in his presence. But then again, his looks… I couldn help but feel…Ugh

What am I thinking about? His perfect face has nothing to do with me!

”So, howd it go? ” Nathan asked as I melted on his couch.

”Not that great. ” I answered and took off my cap.

”Were you scared? ” He kept interrogating and I glared at him.

”Why would I tell you that? ”

”Well, you look like youve seen a ghost. ” He chuckled and my glare sharpened. This was no laughing matter. ”Oh, since youve found out how dangerous this job is, why didn you quit right away? ” He asked and I shook my head rigidly.

”Its the money, Nathan. Its the money! ” I said like a living dead and that creeped him out.

”Since you have nothing doing for the next two hours, why not I show you around? ” He offered

”Howd you know that? ” I asked while staring at him with suspicions.

”If I told you I knew the bosss schedule like the back of my palm, would you believe? ” I narrowed my eyes at him. ”He called me! ”

”So you know that Im mistaken for a boy, right? ”

”Yeah! ” He wanted to laugh but I didn give him the chance to, as I threw a pillow at him. ”Hey, aren you scared Ill fire you? ”

”Bleh, Ive met the boss, so you can fire me. Im now as important as you are, you bag of sh… ” I held my lips. It was so hard adapting to a different tone of speech.

”Its not so bad. To him, you
e a boy whos still a kid. ”

”Im 23! ” I stated

”You should be happy he doesn know you
e a girl. He hates it when girls are close by, they
e too clingy! ” He said

”You knew this but still hired me, wow! ”

”I thought itd be fun to tease him. ” He grinned and my eyes twitched. This guy wasn just a pervert, he was crazy.

”I became a boulder in his presence, for crying out loud! ” I said matter of fact.

”But you scaled through. ” He chipped in and I rolled my eyeballs.

”Tsk, whatever! I need the money anyway, so Ill forgive you this time. ” I said and he sighed while shaking his head. ”Whats with that? ”

”Its such a pity that youll be dead soon. I haven met someone that challenges me the way you do, its fun! ” He looked at me with pity.

”What the hell? Are you cursing me? ” I asked but he just smiled with pity. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked away. ”I won die! ”

”Sure you will, lady. ” He said with confidence and that irked me. Was he hoping for my death or was it just impossible to survive? Nah! I, the great Raptor Dale, had never given up on anything.

”Wanna bet, pervert? ” I grinned

”Sure but, I won benefit anything from it when I win, youd be dead! ”

”Hey, don count your chickens before they hatch. Whats your price on this? ” I asked

”500,000! ” He claimed but I wasn satisfied. I shook my head.

”Im not that cheap. 1 million will do! ”

”Deal! ” We shook hands on it.

This was so much better than a shitty finance job. Goodbye boring days, hello action life.

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