had the dim glimmer of a wild beast in the night.



Could it that he had been nearby all along and that she had just been too nervous to notice him?



Suddenly, a torch light was lit in the middle of the settlement, someone was waving the torch recklessly, while shouting non-stop.
In the silence of the night, it sounded particularly alarming and soul-stirring.



It was the voice of that chief.



At the thought of being sent back to that house again, Mu Qing, at this very moment, realized the hatred she had for this man.
Before, when he gave her to the chief, she did not realize, like she was now, that she hated him like this.



She didn’t even think about it, she lowered her head and bit him hard on the arm.




Mu Qing felt a strong salty taste in her mouth.



Li Mang managed to free his arm from her mouth.



Mu Qing then kicked him with force at that place that was covered by an animal skin.



Li Mang grunted and slightly bent down.



Mu Qing did not hesitate any longer and turned around, desperately running towards the forest.
But she had yet to run two steps away, that a wave of pain came from her scalp.
Her long hair had already been grabbed by him from behind.



Mu Qing was in so much pain that tears were about to fall down from her eyes.
She was just about to open her mouth and curse him harshly when her mouth was firmly covered by him.



Mu Qing was unable to comprehend for a moment.
He was covering her mouth to prevent her from making a sound, what did this mean?



She struggled while raising her head up to look at Li Mang.



The moon was bright.
He was staring fixedly at her, and his expression looked a bit strange.



In the settlement in front, the chief’s shouts had already aroused many people.
Many more torches were gathered, before scattering in different directions.



Mu Qing could already see seven to eight men coming in this direction.



Her heart was beating frantically, and she no longer struggled.
She just took a breath and looked up at Li Mang again.
She lifted herself up and pasted her breast, which because of that liquid that had been applied were still swollen and painful, to his upper body.



She revealed a smile to him and then said, “Li Mang, help me, please.”

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