r>Among these, I can picture a brass band being as rough as a sports club.
An art one seems easy enough, but I don’t have a passion for painting… Huh, I guess there’s no point in thinking about it now since I have no way of knowing what kind of activities the art club may have.

That leaves only one option out of the cultural ones, the literature club.
I really, really love reading… manga.

Still, Momiji mentioned this school being diverse in clubs if I do remember right.
Then maybe there are some particular options that are pretty much bargains.

“…You there.
Can you hear me?”

Hmm? I looked forward and saw one boy looking at me.

I was just deep into my own world.”

“For sure, I felt your heart wasn’t here.
I was even a bit scared you were ignoring me or something.
I’m Shigeo Soga, nice to meet you.”


“Nice to meet you.
Name’s Yuu Takasaki, but you can call me whatever.”

“Yuu, then.
Heya, I was gonna ask you something back there when you were stargazing, but was that girl your girlfriend or something?”

“Nah, nah.
We just went to the same middle school.”

“Thank God!”

A wave of relief crashed over me.
Maybe he fell in love with her at first sight? I mean, her face is pretty nice, I guess?

“‘Thank God?’” I mirrored as a question.

“I’m glad I don’t have to suddenly cut a new friendship.
See, isn’t it kind of annoying when you start school and someone already has a GF?”

“Oh, sure, well, just don’t worry about it.
I don’t have a girl or anything like that—The teacher’s coming.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Shush, take a seat,” the teacher said so while the bell rang in tandem.
The students soon moved and each took their seats.

“Good morning and congratulations on your enrollment.
My name is Tainaka and I’ll be your homeroom teacher from today.
I have a lot to talk about, but let’s go to the gymnasium to participate in the entrance ceremony first,” she paused for a moment.
“I’ll lead the way since you probably don’t know where it is.
Well, you are sitting in order of your attendance numbers, so please rearrange yourselves in the same order as before in the hallway.”

Our new homeroom teacher is a very young woman either in her late twenties or in her early thirties.
She had a pretty nice build overall, with a vaguely worn-out atmosphere.
Guess that atmosphere has more of a “lazy” pinch to it than age.

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