Chapter 8: Worst result.

Advancing through the school’s entrance gates, I saw a crowd of people huddled together.

“Please check your class and attendance number on the bulletin board.
Also, please put your shoes in your respective shoe lockers, located by grade and number.
Then, walk to your classroom,” one of the students explained in a raised voice.
They had an armband around their arm, so could they be from the student council?

There were three makeshift pinboards at the center of the crowd.
Finally getting there, I looked for my name, and while doing so, noticed there were five different freshman classes.

Takasaki, Takasaki… There.

I found my name almost immediately; lo and behold, I was in Class A.
Before walking to my locker, however, I skimmed my eyes through the paper to see a particular name written on the same form… Turns out there’s another student from my middle school here as well.
The thing is I don’t want to have anything to do with her.


I lost my voice.

“Yuu, good morning! Thank goodness we’re in the same class!”

I checked my assigned desk, and as soon as I plopped down on it, someone called my name out of the void.

“I just can’t believe we get to be in the same class for high school! Nice seeing you again!”


I wondered if God had the compulsion to screw me over, or if I’d ever done anything against him.
Wasn’t middle school enough? Why again?!

While staring back at the girl sitting right in front of me, so devil-may-care as she said “Hi!”, I thought back to when this all started.

One day, after the entrance exams for my current high school, I waited for the results with bated breath.
Finally, I was summoned to a private room where my homeroom teacher waited for me with the news.

“Excuse me.”

“Sit down.”

I did as he instructed, and he quickly cut to the chase.

“Takasaki, I’ve just received the results of your test.
And, well…”

Please, just end it.
Tell me already!

“You passed! I was worried about you after that whole incident, but then I saw you working harder than ever and improving your grades by the day! Every other teacher cheered you on, and you did great! I’m proud of you!”

You are? Oh well, I’m glad nonetheless.
I felt good about how I did on the test, though I still couldn’t help but feel anxious just thinking about how I’d fare.

“Thank you very much.”

Oh, speaking of which…

“Teacher, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Besides me, have any other students from here been accepted to that high school?”

“Well, there were two in total, counting you.
Though I can’t tell you their name.”

I would much rather be the only one, but that was to be expected.

“I see, there’s someone else besides me.
Thank you.”

After that exchange with the teacher, I had heartfelt joy spread through my chest as I left for home, cheeks relaxed from imagining my dad and sister’s reactions to my acceptance.

I got to my house with spirits soaring high, though both of them weren’t there when I walked inside.
A trivial matter, though.
I don’t feel bad about having this “reveal party” delayed.
With that in mind, I headed to my room and savored this joy alone for a while, chewing and tasting every second in revel.

Feeling free after all that effort, I lay down on my bed and its comfort took my to dreamland…


Suddenly, the chime rang in my ears.
No matter how much I enjoyed my newfound freedom, I couldn’t leave them waiting, so I ran to the front door and greeted them with a “Hi!”


Instead of my family, however, there stood an old acquaintance—my ex—with a happy-anxious look on her face.


“You took the Ryoshu High entrance exam, right?”


How the hell do you know? I told only my dad, sister, and the teacher about it, and I was as vague about it as I possibly could be.
Oh, but… Well, there must’ve been a couple of other schoolmates besides me at the exam hall, so someone must’ve taken a glimpse at me, turning it into hearsay.

“Did I tell you where I was aiming for?”

“I asked my teacher about it during the career survey.
He told me then!”

Wait, what the hell teach? Is it okay to leak something like that out of nowhere? Uh, am I overthinking things?


“Did you get in?”


The expression on her face, rather suppressed until this point, lit up as soon as I gave in to tell her.
I’ll be completely honest with you, her smile reminded me of a chimpanzee I saw in a documentary last night.
Funny sh*t.

“I’m sooo glad! I asked my teacher about it, and he told me there were two people that had been accepted to that high school.
I figured it must’ve been you, but I’m so happy to see you’ve been accepted too!

So, did you just come in to check on me? Congratulate me, maybe? No, no, no, wait a minute… Too?

“Hold up, that means…?”

“It means…”


“That I’ve…”


“Been accepted there as well! From spring, we’ll be both students at Ryoshu High!”

As if heaven and earth had switched places, my life was turned upside down once more.

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