drinks too.”

“Let’s grab these things then.”

From then on, we put each item in our basket one after another, all the while discussing what each one of us would like, so and so forth.


I looked over and saw Yuki silently putting shrimp in her basket.

“Do you like shrimp?” I tried talking.

“Shut up.”

I tried to lighten up the mood, but she dismissed me oh so casually.

“So, this is about 3k yen right now.
What do you think, guys?” I then turned to look at the two.

“It’s enough for me.
What about you, Yuki?” The boss answered.

“It’s fine for me as well.”

I looked at my basket, and while it may not be sufficient in quantity, it was a surprisingly complete set for just 3k.
Well, if the ladies are happy with it, I’ll just go along.
If I did say I wanted more, it would cost the two.

“Are we done?”


As it was, we finished paying the bill and left.
I wondered where the teacher was, but she met us right at the entrance since she finished earlier.

“Takasaki, this is heavy.
Take this one too,” the teacher turned to me.

“Um, I’m already holding my groceries.”

“You’re a boy, aren’t you?”

Ah, there it is, someone that only treats me as a boy when it suits her.
I wonder if she’s really reserved or not… Oh well, it’s fine.
I’ll just do it since it won’t affect me.

“Well then, I’ll lead the way,” she continued.

After we finished shopping, we went to her house.

“This house is great!”

It was twice the size of mine.

“My parents are both workaholics that constantly lose holidays over work,” she explained.

Oh wow, we’ll get to have a barbecue at such a nice place.
I couldn’t help but get excited.

“Just wait at the yard, I’ll grab the plates and stuff.”

“Are you sure you’re okay by yourself?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she said, scurrying inside her home.

After that, I looked at the yard and saw that a BBQ set, desks, and chairs were already brought out.
So, are we supposed to just light the charcoal inside it? I don’t know since I don’t have any experience.

“Oh, speaking of which, do you have any experience with BBQs teacher?”

“If you mean eating, yes.

“Teach, that…”

“Phew… This is great after a hard workout!” She popped a cold one.

“That’s nonalcoholic, right?”

“Hmm? What’s the point of drinking beer with no alcohol? That ain’t beer, this is.”

Huh? Is this fine? No, actually, I thought her groceries were a bit too heavy, but it never crossed my mind that she made me carry freaking beer. No wonder she took money out of her own pocket without a shred of hesitation.

Also, her “exercise” was us walking here from the station.

Shortly after our chat, the boss returned.

“I got them.”

So, how can I help?”

“Takasaki, you put up the coals and light the fire.
I’ll cut the veggies and mushrooms we bought.
Hey, Yuki, help me.”

“Yes,” she replied.

“Okay then.
Teacher, help me light the fire.
If you don’t work, you don’t eat.”

“Can’t be helped then.”

Thus, we started prepping the barbecue.

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