s what I’m going for either way.”


“Oh, speaking of which, dad,” I recalled.
“The school cafeteria is pretty cheap.
Every item there went for a few yen, so even if I use it every day it won’t be a problem financially.”

I relayed that info to my father, who continued to silently bring his chopsticks to his mouth, savoring the food.
Since it’s his money, I have to do it properly.

“Well, if there’s no issue, 500 yen a day is fine by me,” he ultimately said.

“Okay, thanks.”

“That sounds so nice.
I’m tired of school lunch!” Sayu quipped.

“One more year to go, lil’ sis.”

Since someone in her family just got into high school, she was inspired to the nails.
Just the prospect of enrolling in one was enough thrill.

“So, are you liking your new school?” My dad asked.

It will depend on the club I choose, but I definitely feel more at home than I did in middle school.”

“I see.
Well, you’ll only go through one high school in your life.
Three years go by in a flash,” he warned.
“Don’t neglect your studies and enjoy yourself all the while.”


I went back to my room and opened the booklet they gave me.
Choosing a club will certainly define my future in this school, so how could I not worry?

No need to panic, I tell myself while almost devouring the little papers with my eyes.

There are all the major sports clubs, even archery.
Cultural clubs, on the other hand, are more varied in nature.
There’s also English conversation, visual studies, gardening, computing, discussion, and so on and so forth… Hmm? What’s an outing club? Are they going on trips and stuff? Oh, there’s also an executive committee.
So, student council? Are they different? This is confusing.

I skimmed around a little more and found there was also a literature club.
Though, it would be strange if there wasn’t.
Okay, I’ll just visit the place on Monday as I originally planned.

All in all, I still don’t have a good outlook on building new relationships, but I was roundly excited by the variety of activities proposed in the booklet.
Perhaps if they weren’t mandatory, I would’ve immediately shrugged the possibility of joining a club off, and wouldn’t be able to enjoy some nice uplifting experiences.

Hearing we were obligated to join one took me aback, but maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t all that bad.

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