How does the cafeteria compare to other schools? I’m not sure, but this is undeniable.
Special, even.
This could be compared to the level of top-tier universities for all I know.
Heck, I could even say this was a famous park or something and I’m sure people would buy it.

“What’s that?”

There was a building at the end of the street where the burning leaves of autumn pointed.
I just couldn’t figure out what it was.

“Hold up… It says that’s a club building,” I checked the booklet and so it said.
Skimming through it, I read many different clubs used that separate place due to the shortage of space in the main building.
Yeah, it made sense.

The school’s edifice, the separate club building, the cafeteria, the resting area, these grounds.
Just looking at this whole place made me wonder why and how the tuition fees were so low.

“Wow, they have a building just for clubbing and stuff.
I’m really glad I enrolled here.
Let’s grab a bite together sometime,” she slipped that in.

“We’ll see.”

I’ll just come back here alone to eat someday.

After meandering through the three planned places, we decided to walk back together as the social flow of things demanded.
We were almost home.

“Hey, do you wanna walk to school together like we did back then?” She asked.

There it is.
I don’t want to tolerate us being together as a routine again.

“I don’t want that.
If we happen to do it once in a blue moon, sure, but I’ve got a lot on my plate.”

“A lot?”

“I just wanna walk around by myself, easy breezy, and look around for different places.
Maybe have lunch somewhere different.
Besides, I’m not comfortable going back to the way things once were.”

Icing on the cake, she planned to be in a sports club while I wanted to join a culture one.
At that point, it was wholly unrealistic to walk home together.
Feelings aside.

“I see… Okay, I got it,” she answered.

“Sorry, I guess.”

“No, it’s fine.
It’s my fault, to begin with.
But you said once in a blue moon was fine, right?”

I shouldn’t have said that to soften the blow.
Even if the timing doesn’t work out, I’m sure she’d force the circumstances to fit her will.


“Okay! I’ll ask you out again!”

“See ya, I’m going home now,” I waved half-heartedly.

“See you!”

My first day of school left me drained to the bone, all because of Momiji’s presence.
I’m beat.

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