h dishes, and take care of people, but I don’t like to clean up the room.”

     He has spent countless days and nights alone in luxurious and beautiful houses, shattering and destroying everything in sight.

     This is his wedding room.

     But the person who was supposed to be with him is gone.

     Looking up at the mirror in front of the pool, he opened his mouth, looked at Bai Cheng quietly, and said, “Can’t you really consider my proposal?”

     Bai Cheng keenly heard that the emotions in Mo Li’s words were a bit strange.
He didn’t know why he couldn’t meet Mo Li’s eyes, so he could only look away and said:

     “I really don’t need it, thank you.”

     Mo Li is a good person, but his heart should be used on more worthy people.

     I’m about to drop out of school, it’s not worth it.

     As he spoke, he gently rubbed the wound on his face with his palm, regained his indifferent expression, and turned to leave.

     He was originally going to the rooftop, but probably because he was in a trance, he walked back to the classroom unconsciously.

     As soon as I entered the door, I noticed something was wrong, and I raised my eyes just to meet the line of sight of the supervisor.

     The squad leader’s name is Wu Shi.
His name sounds feminine, but he is actually a thin boy with black-rimmed glasses.

     He is also Xu Jia’s good brother.

     “What are you doing here? Get out!”

     Wu Shi stared at Bai Cheng, he put down the textbook while he was endorsing, stood up and said in disgust, “Didn’t you say that people like you are not allowed to stay in the classroom during your lunch break?”

     “It’s really annoying.” A girl sitting at the door also glanced at Baicheng when she heard the words, and muttered dissatisfiedly: “What are you going to do and come back, disturbing our lunch break.”

     Hearing this, Bai Cheng couldn’t help but glance at the girl, his eyes were not sharp, but inexplicably had a sense of oppression, which made the girl shudder.

     Seeing the girl looking at him alertly, Bai Cheng turned around without saying anything and went out again.

     “It’s scary, isn’t he going to hit me?” The girl hurriedly complained to other classmates nervously.

     Mo Li also came back after a while, and it was a little strange to see that there was no Baicheng in the classroom.

     He had clearly seen Bai Cheng walking towards the classroom before.

     The classmates in the class didn’t say anything when they saw Mo Li coming in, at most they just raised their eyes.

     On the contrary, Xu Jia and Wu Shi said something in a low voice, but they pouted contemptuously and glanced at Mo Li.

     Mo Li didn’t pay attention to these people at all, just leaned against the door and tapped the table of the girl sitting at the door.

     The girl who was secretly reading the novel raised her head and saw Mo Li hurriedly smiled: “New classmate, what’s the matter?”

     “Has Baicheng been back?” Mo Li asked directly.

     The girl’s expression froze, but she didn’t expect Mo Li to ask about Bai Cheng as soon as she came.

     She hurriedly glanced at the squad leader, and seeing that Wu Shi seemed to have heard the movement, she quickly frowned and said, “Don’t mention Baicheng.”

     Mo Li didn’t move his face towards her evasive attitude, but lowered his eyelids slightly to hide his true emotions and said:


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