Chapter 7: I Am The White Moonlight of The Reborn School Bully

I’m ready to drop out

     The next day, Baicheng first handed the review to Mo Li, and then he began to lose his mind as usual, thinking about dropping out of school all morning.

     Because Hua has a supportive policy, in his situation, as long as he goes to school, he will have a social minimum subsidy.

     In this way, the tuition fees and book fees are actually not much spent, and the more expensive ones are mainly the question books that are required for the third year of high school.

     He knew that he could not go to university and his grades were not good, so he never bought one.

     It doesn’t matter if you drop out now.

     I secretly made up my mind, but when I regained my senses, I found that all my classmates had left, and it was time for lunch break again.

     Just as he was about to get up and leave, Mo Li suddenly sat next to him and brought him a bento. You’re reading a raw, unedited chapter from hololonovels.

     “This is for you.” Mo Li smiled at him familiarly, his voice was shy, and he looked a little nervous.

     Bai Cheng glanced at the peach heart bento in the lunch box, his eyelids jumped, and he gave Mo Li a blank expression.

     “I made it with my own hands.” Seeing Baicheng looking at him and thinking he didn’t like it, Mo Li could only say, “If you don’t want to go to the cafeteria, don’t go.
I made two lunch boxes for each of us.”

     During the time when Bai Cheng was sick, Mo Li, who had never cooked before, learned almost all the dishes he could cook, but he was worried that he would not be able to cook what Bai Cheng wanted to eat.

     “No.” Bai Cheng frowned and said coldly.

     But his eyes stagnated on the dishes for a moment, forcing himself to look away, but his Adam’s apple rolled uncontrollably.

     He only cooks breakfast for Bai Jing and Sun Ya in the morning, he doesn’t eat it himself, usually only eats one dinner a day.

     But… it didn’t fall to the point of eating other people’s food for nothing.

     Seemingly noticing Bai Cheng’s deliberate estrangement, Mo Li opened the lunch box.
Although his appearance was still docile, his eyes were pitiful, “One serving per person, if you don’t eat it, it’s a waste.”

     I really don’t know if Mo Li is shy or cheeky.
Usually, he doesn’t dare to raise his head when he speaks, and his eyes are erratic, but no matter how cold Bai Cheng is, Mo Li doesn’t care.

     Seeing Bai Cheng hesitantly move on his seat, Mo Li thought about it and added: “Just take it as your reward for helping me write a review yesterday, if you don’t eat it right now, it will be spoiled after the next meal.

     Wen Yan Baicheng was silent for a few seconds, as if he didn’t want Mo Li to be too embarrassed, he finally used his chopsticks to pick up the peach heart that was cut from something unknown.

 It tastes good after a bite.
He eats it like a carrot, but it feels sour and sweet, very appetizing.

     Seeing him eating obediently, Mo Li was also happy, and explained while eating: “I specially pickled this, do you like it?”

     Bai Cheng admitted that the taste was good, but looking at Tao Xin, who had been bitten, he couldn’t help but ask:

     “But why make this… shape?”

     He could see that every peach heart was carefully decorated, and it was impeccable that the plate was carefully placed.

     “I followed the online tutorial, and the tutorial taught this way, so I did it.” Mo Li was confident.

     Seeing this, Baicheng couldn’t say anything.
He just asked this question without thinking much.

     However, he was still surprised to find that this bento, from the taste to the dishes, was all his favorite.

     What the heck.

     Maybe he felt a little closer to Mo Li in his mind, and coupled with his short cannibalistic mouth, Bai Cheng finally gave Mo Li a good face, at least his voice was much gentler when he spoke.

     Just when they were about to finish eating, Mo Li suddenly said:

     “I read the review you wrote for me.
The words are very good, and your language is very good?”

     He didn’t forget that he still wanted Baicheng to go to university when he was reborn.
To help Baicheng study, he must first understand Baicheng’s shortcomings and advantages.

     Listening to his casual question, Bai Cheng didn’t feel relieved, just shook his head and said, “I didn’t pass.”

     This is the truth.
Baicheng’s studies have plummeted since high school.

     Just when Mo Li thought for a moment and was about to answer, Bai Cheng suddenly said in a low voice:

     “But it doesn’t matter, I’m going to drop out anyway.”

     What Mo Li wanted to say suddenly came to his lips.

     “Why?” he asked after a while.

     Bai Cheng turned his head, looking a little irritable, and said impatiently: “There is no reason, just can’t learn, and don’t want to go.”

     He felt that Mo Li’s grades should be good, and he didn’t expect Mo Li to understand that he had to wash the lunch box when he got up.

     Who thought Mo Li took his arm, raised his head and asked:

     “Don’t you want to go to college?”

     the University?

     Hearing this word, Bai Cheng was only a little dazed, and then he laughed at himself.

     He hadn’t had the luxury of going to college since high school.

     Not to mention the tuition fees, just because of the circumstances of his family, how can he be assured of leaving Bai Jing alone by Sun Ya’s side.

     There are more and more things that distract him, and he no longer listens to lectures in class, just because he is afraid that he should have delusions that he should not have.

     “In no mood.”

     he said.

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