Chapter 6: I Am The White Moonlight of The Reborn School Bully

May 10 2022

I like my brother the most

He can’t cry.

     Life is not yet bitter enough to cry.

     Bai Cheng washed his face and quickly packed up and went back to his room, only to see Bai Jing sitting on the edge of the bed, hugging his legs and whimpering softly. 

     Seeing someone push the door in, Bai Jing raised his head in fear, and then saw that it was Bai Cheng’s tears that continued to fall: “Brother, shall we escape? Mom always beats us.”

     He was so sad that he trembled as he spoke.

     Others have gentle parents.  Only he has nothing.

     Bai Cheng smiled, sat beside him, hugged him and patted his back gently, coaxing softly, “Don’t cry, don’t cry, brother is here.”

     As he said that, he glanced at the books on the table, then paused and said, “I will go to work as soon as I graduate from high school.
By then, the pressure on mother will not be as great as it is now.”

     She will turn into the original gentle look.

     “I’m going to work too!” Bai Jing said quickly.

     “No, you have to go to school well.” Bai Cheng scratched his nose, and his face became stern, “Your brother, I have nothing to do, and my grades are not good.
You can’t learn from me.”

     Bai Jing puffed up his face, his eyes were still red, and reluctantly pouted, “But brother, your grades in junior high school are obviously very good.”

     “It won’t work until high school, and many don’t understand it.” Bai Cheng said casually, sitting at the desk with Bai Jing in his arms, watching him look aggrieved for a while, rubbing his head and saying:

     “I came back with good grades in the final exam this time, and my brother invited you to eat something delicious.”

     Who would have thought that Bai Jing rubbed his tearful eyes and muttered with his head down, “You’re just lying to the child.”

     He knew that all the money Bai Cheng got from his part-time job on weekends was used to buy vegetables, and he didn’t have much money left on him.

     Bai Cheng couldn’t help laughing out loud, reassuring that he would definitely invite him to eat delicious food, only then Bai Jing before he finally opened the book and read it with a very reluctant expression. 

     Seeing that Bai Jing came out from the shadow of fear and started reading, Bai Cheng found the needle and thread and lowered his head to mend the torn school uniform.

     Their father went to prison in his third year of junior high school, and it is not easy for his mother to persist until now.

     So even if his mother did something to him, he wouldn’t hate her.

     With him, he won’t let his mother hurt his younger brother, and he will protect both his younger brother and his mother.

     Opening his mouth and biting off the thread, he put down his school uniform and touched the words on the back of the school uniform, the sixth middle school of H city.

     Thinking about Sun Ya’s worsening situation now, he felt that he might not be able to wait for graduation.

     Anyway, his grades are not good now, and he will only make other students feel uncomfortable in school.
It is better to drop out of school to work and make money first.

     For some reason, he suddenly remembered that Mo Li was also affected by others and gave up the best learning environment.
For a while, he felt that the two of them were in a similar situation.

     When he thought of Mo Li, he remembered the review he was going to write for Mo Li, pulled up a chair and sat next to Bai Jing, and started to write after he made the draft in his mind.

     In the first year of high school, he couldn’t find a part-time job outside because of his young age.
In order to make money, he helped others write reviews and other things, and he has rich experience.

     Bai Jing, who was on the side, glanced at Bai Cheng’s handwriting with flowing water, then looked at his own dog crawling, and silently bit the pen.

     I didn’t know what to think in my heart, my eyes were wet all of a sudden, and I eagerly looked at Bai Cheng Road:

     “Brother, am I really useless?”

     Bai Cheng’s hands paused, poked Bai Jing’s head with his left hand, and said with a straight face, “What nonsense, do you know that my brother is better than anyone else?”

     Hearing that, Bai Jing’s eyes lit up immediately, and he threw himself into Bai Cheng’s arms and hugged him tightly. 

     “Brother has to stay with me forever.” He said sullenly and coquettishly.

     “Okay.” Bai Cheng rubbed his head and laughed.

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