Chapter 002 Stunning beauty, questioned in class

The moment the girl stepped into the classroom, it was like someone pressed the pause button.

The class, which was as noisy as the market, instantly went silent.

The sun shone on the side of her face.
A flawless bright, white little face, it was as if you could see the blood vessels under her skin. 

Her eyebrows were not drawn, but looked naturally dark and her lips were not painted, but a natural red.
Even her eyelashes were longer than ordinary people’s.

When the pair of peach blossom eyes fluttered, it raised everyone’s spirits and made them more energetic. 

Jiang Fuyue carried her school bag on one shoulder and found her seat based on the original owner’s memories. 

She was tall and walked with long strides, making her body and legs seem long.
She looked slender and at ease, different from the gloomy and lonely appearance of the original owner. 

This journey only took a few seconds, but the classmates watching her felt like they were enjoying a slow-motion movie.

“No…..she, why did she go to Jiang Fuyue’s seat?”

“Did our class admit a new student?”

“In any case, I didn’t hear Old Xu mention this…”

“This girlie is definitely not from our school, if not, based on her looks and figure, she should at least be a high-ranking school flower, right?

“She actually wore makeup, if she is caught by Tie Zhuang, she’s dead!”

Tie Zhuang, the nickname given to the dean of the sophomores.

“Open up your ‘titanium-alloy dog ​​eyes’ and look carefully, she is not wearing any makeup, OK?”

“I’m dead.”


“Sh*t!” Someone responded, “Look at her school bag…how is it exactly the same as Jiang Fuyue’s? I think there probably shouldn’t be such a coincidental thing, right? Hehe….”

Other students followed suit and recollected——

“D*mn! Jiang Fuyue had plastic surgery?”

“Why do I feel like her whole head changed?”


The classroom returned to its previously clamorous state. 

It’s not that Jiang Fuyue did not hear those discussions, but her expression remained unchanged and she calmly took out her English textbook.

The girl sitting at the same table couldn’t help but secretly peek at her, instantly amazed. 

Because she was so close, she was sure that Jiang Fuyue had no makeup on.
She was naturally pale and white, and there wasn’t a single pore that could be seen.

Of course, Jiang Fuyue had always been pale, but for some reason, today she was especially……eye-catching. 

From the moment she stepped into the classroom, the whole class became sunflowers, and Jiang Fuyue was the sun that attracted them.

Beautiful and bright, shiny and golden. 

A look of envy flashed on Wan Xiutong’s face unconsciously, but the moment Jiang Fuyue looked over, it turned into nervousness and panic: “I….I didn’t look at you!”

Thinking of the unpredictable character of this seatmate, she quickly pleaded innocence but forgot about the “Streisand Effect”.
(an attempt to hide something, instead has the unintended consequence of increasing awareness)

Wan Xiutong felt very vexed.
Shrinking her neck, she waited for Jiang Fuyue’s cold eyes or ridicule.

That was the original owner, gloomy, mean, extremely withdrawn, just like every middle school girl.
In addition, she didn’t like to talk which made her seem more reserved and somber, intimidating to others.

Wan Xiutong had been seatmates with her since the first year of high school, there were no major conflicts but Jiang Fuyue would occasionally size her up with a “looking at an idiot” expression in her eyes. 

This kind of silent humiliation hurts more than verbal attacks.
Wan Xiutong was afraid of this, and toward Jiang Fuyue, she would avoid her if she could.

However, it was different this time.
Wan Xiutong unexpectedly did not see the familiar contempt and disgust in those eyes, as if….it was just a normal glance, light, indifferent and casual.

For the very first time, she discovered that Jiang Fuyue’s eyes were so beautiful!

At 7:50 am, early reading ended. 

Jiang Fuyue finished flipping through her English textbook and started to flip through her literature textbook.

Her speed this time was even faster as if she was casually flipping for fun, but every page was taken care of, and none were left out. 

Wan Xiutong: “?”

At this moment, the class representative stood up: “Everyone, pass the math homework forward——”

Jiang Fuyue sat in the last row.
It stands to reason that this group should have started with her, but the seat in front of her passed the homework forward without waiting for her. 

The class representative swept his gaze across each classmate from the front to the back while taking inventory.
Finally, his eyes fell on Jiang Fuyue’s face and instantly understood.

Without saying anything, he walked away hurriedly with the stack of exercise books. 

Jiang Fuyue was stunned, she almost forgot that the original owner was a slacker and never handed in any homework. 

At 8 o’clock, class officially started.

The first and second sessions were all language classes.
The young and beautiful female teacher stood at the podium.
Even though she taught Classical Chinese, many students listened with great interest. 

Jiang Fuyue had already flipped through the math, physics, chemistry, biology, and history textbooks.
The brand-new textbooks were stacked in the upper left-hand corner of the desk, and the politics textbook in her arms was read halfway through, leaving only the geography textbook untouched.

Between classes, Jiang Fuyue went to the toilet.

The classmate sitting in front of them turned around immediately: “Tong Tong, what’s the situation?”

“Huh?” Wan Xiutong raised her head, a dazed look in her eyes.

“Jiang Fuyue!” Lin Qiao stomped her feet, “Why did she change so much suddenly? I almost didn’t recognize her.”

“I don’t know either…..”

Ten minutes into the second class, Jiang Fuyue finished the geography textbook and started sleeping.

“….Let’s summarize and discuss the polysemous words in this essay, starting with the word “guide”.
First, explain the meaning in the text, then list examples of other meanings.
I’ll invite a classmate to stand up and answer…” Cui Jiaying’s beautiful eyes turned, landing on the last row of the class, she faintly frowned, “Jiang Fuyue, you do it.”

Wan Xiutong: “Wake up….the teacher called you….”

Jiang Fuyue was pushed awake.

When she raised her head, her eyes suddenly became clear, and she found that everyone, including the language teacher, was looking at her. 

She rose steadily——

“In the text “guide the pot for oneself to drink”, “guide” means to bring, to take.”

Cui Jiaying was a little surprised.
Jiang Fuyue was the second-year class 3’s unbeatable “last place”, and her learning attitude was unserious to the extreme. 

Originally she didn’t care, just like the teachers of the other subjects, towards this problematic student they “drew a line”, “each to their own well being”.

But Jiang Fuyue went too far this time, blatantly sleeping in her class!

Cui Jiaying felt that she had to be taught a lesson, otherwise what should she do if other students learned from her and behaved the same way?

“Very good,” the young teacher nodded slightly, her mind churning, but a smile of anticipation and encouragement hung on her face, “List a few examples of other meanings, remember to refer to its original text.”

Jiang Fuyue’s expression remained unchanged——

“After a year, the Hu people entered the fortress, and the Ding Zhuang guided their people to take up their weapons and fight.” referenced from <> on page 82, line 6 of the textbook, “guide” is a verb, and it has the meaning of pulling back the bow.

“Seeing Lian Po, Xiang Ru guided the carriage to avoid him” referenced from <> on page 109, line 9 of the textbook, “guide” means lead, drag.

The third line on the next page, “Arranging nine guests at the court, to guide Lin Xiangru, the envoy of Zhao”.
Here, “guide” means to invite. 

“Daring to exhaust my humble intentions to make a short guide” referenced from <>, as seen on page 128, annotations at the bottom, line 5 of the textbook, “guide” is a foreword, a preface.

“It is not advisable to belittle one’s self, to guide unrighteousness” referenced from <>, seen on page 77, homework question 3, of the textbook, “guide” is to cite.

Jiang Fuyue finished in one breath, and she frowned when she saw the whole class dumbfounded, even the language teacher could not take her eyes off of her. 

Are the examples from the textbook insufficient? Should she expand beyond the curriculum?

She thought for a bit, then continued: “In the battle of the first year, it was unfavourable for the army, and was guided to Jiang Bei —— referenced from <>.
If it’s the third printing of the first edition of the Guangming Daily Publishing House, then it should be on Volume 11, page 125 of <>, line 9.  “Guide” is to avoid.”

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