Chapter 012 Entering Mathematical Olympiad Class, Ling Xuan’s Disgust

“What’s the matter?” Xie Dingyuan sat down on the sofa.

Zhong Ziang stood opposite, looking coy.

“If there’s nothing then I’m going out.” He had the habit of taking a walk after dinner, and now he had just sat down to hear what his great nephew had to say.

“Don’t… Uncle, don’t go!”

“I don’t have that much time to play with you.”

“…” Who said that his uncle was not good at words? He could poison someone to death with just one move of his tongue?

Zhong Ziang took a deep breath and told himself, he’s used to it, it doesn’t matter!

But he still really wanted to curse….

“You, you don’t have anything to ask me?”

Xie Dingyuan pondered for a moment: “The reason for the fight, tell me.”

“You don’t know that **** bastard surnamed Yi, he is too wild.
He went by my table and knocked my book from the table, but he didn’t pick it up.
Who gave him the guts, he’s too fat! If I didn’t teach him a lesson, where would I put my dignified face?!” 

Pitter patter like beans, Zhong Ziang spoke while sending his saliva splattering across.

Xie Dingyuan understood: “…You still think that you are right.”

Zhong Ziang stubbornly argued, “I was right in the first place, where did I go wrong?

“Not complying with the school rules and fighting, that is one mistake; in front of the teacher, not knowing how to restrain oneself, this is your second mistake; refusing to reflect and being arrogant, this is the third mistake.
You are wrong in every way.” 

The man’s tone was calm, but had an inexplicable pressure.

The frost and snow in his cold eyes were almost ruthless, Zhong Ziang was firmly nailed to the spot with just one glance, his whole body stiff.

It took a long while to find his voice, but he was still dissatisfied: “According to what you said, I can only let others bully me, that I should lie down and be beaten?”

Xie Dingyuan: “You can have a smarter way in dealing with it.”

Zhong Ziang: “For example?”

“If you think his behavior is wrong, you can tell the teacher, or even the principal.
It’s not impossible to call the police if it is serious enough.
If it can be solved within the rules and regulations, you are on the right side, why use violence to give the other party a chance to bite back?”

“Uncle, you are an adult, so you can stay calm and obey rules and regulations.
You are not a primary school student… Besides, not even many primary school students follow the rules these days.
You’re afraid, but I’m not afraid.
If he doesn’t pick it up, I’ll beat him until he picks it up!” 

The man asked back, “Did he pick it up?”


The fight had already started, who cared that much.

Zhong Ziang said in a muffled voice, “I don’t know.”

“First of all, rules are rules.
Since you are in this circle, you should obey them.
Secondly, obeying the rules has nothing to do with age.
Finally, your failure to obey the rules will lead to more losses than what you gain.
This is a lesson.”

After saying that, he got up and went out. 

Zhong Ziang shouted at his back: “I don’t believe that you haven’t broken any rule in your life! Even if you don’t now, there will be a time in the future!” 

The two parted unhappily. 

The next day, Zhong Ziang went to school as usual.
When he met Yici at the school gate, their eyes collided as if they were doing close hand to hand combat, and then both moved away at the same time, walking on different sides. 

The atmosphere of class seven was not right all morning. 

Zhong Ziang thought: I have to teach him a lesson so he knows why flowers are so red! 

Yici thought: The rich noble pigs from the capital are all like that, they really want to be beaten. 

But on Jiang Fuyue’s side, the price of staying up late to finish all the exam papers was that she slept through the whole morning.

During this period, the language teacher ignored her, Xu Jing opened one eye and closed the other, but Jiang Fuyue was called up twice in physics class, once to answer a question, and once to take the stage to do a question.

At the same time, Wan Xiutong and Liu Bowen at the front table were also called up.

Wan Xiutong was a good student.
She listened carefully in class, finished her homework on time, and never slacked off.
Although this question was difficult, Yu Wenzhou had talked about something similar before.
She did a good job of taking notes, and she just reviewed it yesterday, so there was a little stumbling, but she got the general direction.

As for Liu Bowen, you don’t need to worry even more, he ranked first in class all year round, and was a proper student.

Only Jiang Fuyue…

Everyone thought that she was called by Yu Wenzhou to do the test because she was sleeping, so he could take the opportunity to teach her.

In fact, Yu Wenzhou really planned to do so.

Ironically, the day before yesterday, he had changed his mind on this last place person.
He walked to her side after class, and gave a few words of encouragement along the way, but who would expect her to give him such a show in a blink of an eye!

Unfortunately, the next episode did not develop as most people expected.
When Jiang Fuyue swiped down a few strokes and finished writing the steps, she asked Yu Wenzhou if she could go down and the whole class was silent because they were all stunned.

Even Yu Wenzhou himself was confused: “Fin, finished?”

Jiang Fuyue: “It’s finished.”

Liu Bowen paused for a while and couldn’t help but look over to her side, only to see that the steps written by Jiang Fuyue had accounted for only half of it.
The blackboard was really messy…

He sighed and began to calculate the next step.

At this moment, Yu Wenzhou, who had reacted, said –

“The answer is correct, you can go down.”

Jiang Fuyue said “oh”, returned to her seat, folded her hands, laid down and continued to sleep.

Yu Wenzhou: “…”

All the students: “…”

Since then, Liu Bowen’s eyes on Jiang Fuyue have changed.

Wan Xiutong caught them on the spot several times: “Why are you staring at Jiang Jiang?”

“I find her strange.”


In the afternoon, Jiang Fuyue was not in the classroom because—

She went to the Mathematical Olympiad class.

The weekly Olympiad training was on Thursday afternoons.
No matter what grade or class you are in, you must drop a class to participate.

The Math Olympiad class and the competition class were held at the same time.
Originally, there was a personalized competition class, but it was canceled a few years ago and had never been reopened.

When Jiang Fuyue walked in with her schoolbag on her shoulders, the “mute” effect was created again.

The girl put one hand in her pocket, her school bag slumped on her back, and her ponytail swayed as she came in step by step.

At first, she was against the light, so one couldn’t see her face clearly, but when she cast aside the dazzling sun behind her and walked into the middle of the classroom, that overly beautiful and hidden rebellious face caught everyone off guard.

“D*mn—why is she here?” Thanks to that card, Sun Cheng recognized Jiang Fuyue.

Of course, it was not a good impression.

Ling Xuan heard his words.
Holding down the test paper he just took out, his eyebrows tightened slightly.

“Hey, Ah Xuan, it’s cowhide candy, it’s actually sticking even to here, this fool’s peach blossom debt…”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Ling Xuan lowered his eyes, and his half-droopy eyelids covered his flash of annoyance.

“But to tell the truth, she has become a lot more beautiful.
Her skin is as white as snow, her eyes seem to be flowing with water, and her whole personality has changed.
Would you like to take a look?” Sun Cheng smirked and bumped into his buddy’s shoulders.

Ling Xuan reprimanded: “Have you time to joke, have you finished writing your paper?”

“D*mn – I almost forgot, hurry up and let me copy, didn’t you solve that proof question…”

“It’s too late.”


Ling Xuan: “Lao Xu is here.”

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