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It’s too difficult for him.

Xie Dingyuan strode ahead, Zhong Ziang followed behind, not daring to speak.

In the car, the two sat down.

“Ninth Master?” The driver asked with eyes open.

“Return to Yutianhua Mansion.”

The engine started, and the car was silent for a while.

Zhong Ziang glanced to the side uneasily.
Seeing his uncle’s stern profile, the anxiety in his heart was magnified infinitely.

Xie Dingyuan was not like Xie Yunzao who would grab his ear and babble, then cry a lot afterwards; he was also not like Zhong Yunyi directly taking a stick in his hand and beating him first.

He just kept being indifferent, cold and silent, until one couldn’t hold it back in and it breaks one’s psychological defense first.

Zhong Ziang gritted his teeth, it was the same routine!

But since he was a child, he had been devoured by this routine.

Hold on, he must hold on this time! He secretly cheered.

But Xie Dingyuan really didn’t seem to have any intention of speaking.
He got out of the car and ignored him, entered the villa and went straight to the second floor.

He didn’t come down to eat dinner.

“Little Master, do you want more food?” Liu Ma asked with a smile.

Zhong Ziang held his chopsticks, his eyes wandering: “That… why aren’t you asking my uncle to come eat?”

“Mister said he is busy and to not call him.”

“Oh…” Zhong Ziang took a piece of spare ribs, it was tasteless.

“Do you still want food?”

“I don’t want to eat.” He put down his chopsticks, got up and left.

If he can’t see him, then he won’t see him, who is hiding? Snort!

Liu Ma smiled and shook her head helplessly.
The nephew and uncle are starting up again…

It was night time.

With a bang, Zhong Ziang was so angry that he smashed the mouse: “F*ck!”

Lost again!

“I said Lin Shumo, do you know how to play?!”

An innocent voice came from the headset: “No…you dragged me to play.”

Zhong Ziang gritted his teeth angrily: “You said you had a very smart brain, first place in exams, first place in competitions, how can you become a black hole when you play games?”

“Maybe this is the legendary… god opens one door for you, and will inevitably close a window? “

“F*ck off!”

“Yo, Angzi*you’re quite temperamental today, who messed with you?” Another voice interjected, with obvious teasing.

* zi = add to one’s name to make it into a nickname

Zhong Ziang tugged at his hair, tsk.

“Don’t mention it, it’s annoying!”

“Yoah, what’s the situation? You already arrived in Linhuai, and the heavenly emperor is far away, no one is there to supervise you.
You should be happy, why are you so annoyed instead?”

Zhong Ziang pouted and humphed twice: “Who said there’s no one to supervise me?”

“You mean your uncle? He can control you? I don’t believe it.”

Thinking of Xie Dingyuan’s indifferent face, Zhong Ziang began to become irritable again: “Bad luck, let’s end this today.
I’m logging off first.”

“Hey – I haven’t finished speaking yet…” 

The system popped up a message, “Friend is offline”.

“F*ck! Lin Shumo, let’s continue—”

Another friend went offline.


The night was getting darker, and all sounds were silent.

The study –

Xie Dingyuan closed the computer and took off his glasses, his eyes were tired from concentrating for a long time.

After closing his eyes for ten minutes, he picked up the water glass and got up.

Before leaving, he meticulously checked the power supply and switches, then finally closed the windows, closed the curtains, and finally locked the study.

Each step was rigorous and orderly, and had its own set of rules and regulations.

Dining room.

Liu Ma had prepared meals according to the recipe.
From the selection of ingredients to the dosage of seasonings in the cooking process, they had been strictly screened and accurately measured.

In this way, it ensured that the energy obtained through eating can reach the “optimal value” required by the body, not more or less than a percent that’s needed.

It was like the “optimal solution” in a math problem.

Precise and perfect.

“Uncle…” It was Zhong Ziang.

Xie Dingyuan put down the used napkin, folded it, and put it by his hand.

Liu Ma knew that this was the signal that the meal was over, so she silently stepped forward and started cleaning up.

Xie Dingyuan got up and walked to the living room, Zhong Ziang lowered his eyes for a moment and raised his heels.

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