Chapter 10: I Am The White Moonlight of The Reborn School Bully

May 12 2022

It turns out that this guy is just a coward

     At the same time, Xu Jia was ready for Mo Li to resist.

     Unexpectedly, Mo Li changed his arrogant attitude before, and was still silent after being pushed against the wall behind him.
He just glanced at him, and the look in his eyes was incomprehensible. You’re reading a raw, unedited chapter from hololonovels.

     “What kind of eyes are you looking at!” Xu Jia was inexplicably upset, grabbing Mo Li’s collar and roaring fiercely.

     “It’s nothing.” Mo Li stared at Xu Jia with no emotion in his voice.

     In fact, he was just using the joy of breaking people’s hands and feet and smashing other people’s heads in his previous life, thinking seriously about how to make Xu Jia disappear more beautifully.

     Otherwise, there will be too many waves that will affect Acheng’s schooling.

     Before he met Bai Cheng, he had always used this method to relieve his irritability that could not be controlled by drugs.

     In Xu Jia’s eyes, Mo Li’s indifferent attitude was no different from provocation.

     “Are you so proud that you ran away last night? I tell you, it’s your luck, don’t think I’ll let you go.”

     Xu Jia’s cheeks were tensed, his eyes widened and his expression twisted.

     When he was speaking, his eyes swept away from Bai Quzhi’s face, and when he saw Bai Quzhi, he immediately lowered his head to read, and then focused on Mo Li’s face again, “You heard what he said just now.
 , I’m not someone you can provoke, I don’t care which city you’re from, if you have the guts to throw books at me!”

     Hearing this, Bai Quzhi groaned in his heart, and looked at Mo Li cautiously with his head lowered, for fear that they would really fight.

     He actually… didn’t want to see what happened to Bai Cheng happen to Mo Li again.

     Unexpectedly, Mo Li, who dared to smash Xu Jia with a book in front of everyone yesterday, is now like a wilted cannonball, just looking at Xu Jia without making any sound.

     Seeing his weak and bullying appearance, Xu Jia was puzzled at first, and then quickly realized that Mo Li was afraid.

     Think about it, he has a good family background, he always likes it, and he knows people in the society.
Which student is not afraid?

     But I didn’t expect Mo Li to be so useless, and he was scared and broke his courage.

     Despised in his heart, he relaxed his strength and turned back to meet Wu Shi’s eyes.

     Only then did Wu Shi put down the phone hidden in his cuff, and his body relaxed.

     They originally planned to take pictures of Mo Li’s actions if he did it.

     The last time Mo Li smashed Xu Jia with a book, it was revealed after a review.
Who would be willing to change it?

     So this time, they deliberately left evidence to the teacher, and if the teacher’s punishment is not what they want, they will show it to the principal.
In short, they must make Mo Li suffer a lot.

     Who knew that Mo Li was cowardly this time?

     Xu Jia rubbed his brows, thinking that he was really ridiculous, and he had to spend so much thought on dealing with a coward.

     After releasing Mo Li, he sneered again, turned around and patted Bai Quzhi’s table hard before saying:

     “Idiot Zhi, keep your mouth shut, this is the last time.”

     Bai Quzhi nodded quickly.

     Seeing this, Xu Jia was very satisfied and pushed Mo Li’s shoulder again, and went out in a good mood.

     Although he is now in his third year of high school, Xu Jia doesn’t like to stay at school at noon, and will go to the Internet cafe to play for an hour.

     Anyway, he studied well.

     As soon as the others left, Bai Quzhi immediately changed his cowardly attitude, turned his eyes smartly, gave Mo Li a thumbs up, and said in a super soft voice, “You did the right thing! You must never confront Xu Jia.
 , isn’t it just a few words from them, just bear with it and let it pass.”

     Mo Li’s peripheral vision retracted from Wu Shi’s body, but he didn’t know what he thought of and even smiled.

     These kids are pretty good at playing, if he can’t see what’s hidden in his sleeves, right?

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