Belinda Blanche was the worst of the worst, making a name for herself in the social circles of the Kingdom of Genos every year with her ferocity and viciousness.


To make matters worse, she was the scion of the Blanche family, which owned the continent’s best casino, and her evil deeds were probably heavier than gold.


But when people actually met Belinda, they often commented on her appearance rather than her viciousness.


“To give the best beauty in the kingdom to such a fierce wretch.
The first and last mistake the gods have ever made.”


Coveted red hair and bright eyes like amethyst.


Neither the harshness of her features nor the dryness of her expression could blemish her beauty.


And yet, who would dare to imagine.


That Belinda Blanche, with her gold, her power, and her mesmerizing looks, was merely an extra.


She’s the only evil character in a healing game that doesn’t contain a single villain, and she’s a character that dies in a variety of ways to bring the players their cider.
(T/n:  a soda drink such as Sprite in Korea.
When you drink cider you feel great and happy)


´Hmm, now that I think about it, the most recent updated ending had me being sacrificed to something.


I tore at my hair, as I realized that I had just been in a car crash and was now the most evil woman in the game.


The game I was possessing, is a parenting simulation game where you raise a young protagonist, and the story itself is very simple.


One day, Ophelia, a fallen noblewoman exiled from the Empire to the Kingdom of Genos, has a strange dream.


“Ophelia, I will entrust you with a child born under the Star of Heroes.
Please raise it well.”


And that day, she rescues an orphan boy who is being abused by a certain marquise’s daughter.


That child is the protagonist, the child born under the star of the hero spoken of in the dream.


Becoming Ophelia and raising the protagonist the way you want is the beauty of .


On the other hand, Belinda appeared as the above mentioned ´young lady of the marquise who abused the protagonist´, who repeatedly met a death ending for the crime of tormenting the protagonist viciously.


´But just because I’m Belinda doesn’t mean I have to die.


Because it’s Belinda’s ending, not mine, that gets her a death sentence for tormenting the protagonist.


In the game’s story, Belinda meets the protagonist as her personal servant.


Luckily, I hadn’t met the protagonist yet, and instead of abusing this child, I wanted him to grow up.


If I gave him a lot of attention and sent him to Ophelia as in , the protagonist would be happy and I would also be happy because there would be no reason for me to die, making for a nice, closed happy ending.


Moreover, the Blanche family is the richest aristocratic family in the novel!


I can’t believe I get to spend all that money and still take care of an adorable little boy.


´What, is this Heaven?´


Dreaming of a happy future, I made eye contact with myself in the mirror to familiarize myself with Belinda’s face.


I felt a dull ache in my scalp and rolled my eyes to look at the maid standing beside me.


She clutched a few of my plucked hairs in her trembling hands and spoke like a prisoner about to be executed.


“Forgive me, please forgive me……  Lady Belinda.”


It seemed that while brushing my hair for the morning routine, she had accidentally pulled out a few strands.


Oh, come on.
People can make mistakes.


Excited at the thought of meeting my heroine, I gave her a quick smile through the mirror to let her know I was okay.


“Lord, I have committed a mortal sin!”




The maid fell to the floor and begged for forgiveness.


In her desperation, she didn’t even seem to notice her forehead hit the floor.