In simple terms, dying is an honest fear—everyone one way or another should have ingrained it into them, but for vampires, with immortality at their fingers tips, such a thought shouldve never crossed the mind.

Here, at this moment, it came something near it, not upon it or withdrawing it, near it.

Strapped down, like a piece of livestock about to be butchered into pieces.

Last words, never came to mind—but the sense of pain, pain more than anything else filled the mind fully and fully with nothing left to fill in the beginning with.

In horror, it shall never come to pass, but others can die without warning, especially in an area where illness was common like having many children, with the same names—if one died, replacing it with another.

The person who died wasn an important person in the sense that they were a good person—hardly so, they were an entire asshole and a half. But rather theres the respective title, is the reason for the large community of a funeral.

He was the Earl of Cheshire, named Gladys Euler, he was a horrible man, Angelous met on such occasions with brought utter shackles with woe and wretched disgusts.

Despite being a man of noble blood, he treated his servants worse than the rabid packs of mutts he would raise, which would often kill the children in the slums or brutally wound them—without prosperous motive but rather simply because it was entertaining.

He was married to the daughter of a Lady Dower, a noble-born tracing back thirteen generations of noble blood—on both sides.

Departed a political marriage, in which most weren happy, this was just a simple fire mess. Earl of Cheshire was famous for his lustful affairs with other married women, and unmarried women as well, but it wasn that killed him, but instead—dying from a heart attack, on the day it was revealed that his married wife, was pregnant with a bastard child of her own—she fell in love with a courteous man, far more predominantly gentle and kind.

The only reason Angelous decided to attend such an event, was merely because he has to—if he has chosen not to show up, this would be many rumors and gossip, as the nobles despite their lavish and interacts lifestyles couldn shut up about people behind their backs, like a pack of sheep without proper brains to think for themselves.

”Angelous. ” Richard spoke, ”I can believe he died, he was only thirty-seven when he died. ”

Yes, not have a long life, and also his blood was trained and not a delight to try and eat some—regardless of that point. Angelous can sympathize as Richard can, those shows of fake tears are rather convincing—on the outside anyway.

”I suppose you could say that. ” Angelous remarked, ”But considering Earless Of Cheshire has the only legitimate seed of the Cheshire estate, this can be possibly worse some than it already contains as here. ”

Thus the conversation mellowed as the funeral procession was ending, as Angelous entered the stagecoach heading back to the estate. As the rain suddenly poured down, in hundreds and thousands, as Richard took the same stagecoach as himself.

”I can possibly head back to my estate in this weather, much less deal with the affairs. Delilah wasn certainly pleased with me after I broke apart the marriage agreement—sending many calls upon the telephone, writing letters, and even sending out telegrams, as well. ” Richard explained.

Ah, crazy women, what a gentle matter to explain that Richard here gained not only a noteworthy devotion from women but her utterly crazy flaws and factually correct obsessional controlling issues, which ironically are driving them apart more than expected.

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