Much like Western Square, there are other refined establishments nobles ten to heather around. For the men, its the gentlemens club. For the ladies, its an illegally well-established club called Cotton Club.

The gentlemens club was certainly boring and nothing interesting in it. Cotton club was a whole different story, Angelous was the only man allowed in the place due to him being best friends with many of the women famous, despite their husbands—not knowing a damn thing about their secret lives, at all.

”Angelous. ” Manny(Manuela) spoke, ”Did the Duke Valet bring up marriage again? You think he would realize by now, how you aren into women, at all. ”

Manny, as Angelous calls her, is a rather tall woman at a near five-nine height, with a natural batch of cheeky red hair, and curls. Shes gotten some Irish noble blood in her, down the line—somewhere as well.

”Contrary, he doesn even know I hang around here. ” Angelous remarked, ”Its only 6 and dark outside, he seems to think I have a horrible sleeping schedule, and likely wants to call a doctor about it. ”

Angelous looked up from the newspaper, ”Full house. ”

Angelous, slammed his cards down, ”Royal Flush. ”

The other ladies at the table, placed their cards down, ”Manny, your just too good. ”

Angelous walked over, picking up the telephone, ”Hello? ”

”Angelous, goodness, I tried calling your telephone at the estate, the butler said you weren home and were out, giving me this number. ” Richard remarked, ”Something utterly unexpected happened, Delilah placed a condition, if I don stop having relations with you, she will have her father cancel the marriage. You
e a horrible indulgence upon me and a Duke should be friends with a lowly lord. ”

Angelous expected this to occur but seems the rather gentle hints—have been sorely neglected, but now placed straight and front upon them, laid on a table exposing the cards upon the sleeve.

”I don see how I can be of much help. ” Angelous remarked, ”If such a condition is rather placed, then she mustve barely known your temperament and merely listened to the rumors. Shows that shes rather narrow-minded and sticks with gossip instead of seeing a persons self, such a person can be rather problematic and expecting too much out of someone—without proper understating as well. ”

Silence bellowed for a moment.

”Angelous, I understand what you mean. ” Richard remarked, ”Im not going to allow such a complacent demand come upon myself—I will break up the marriage agreement before she has the chance to do so. ”

Suddenly the telephone was hung up upon, as Angelous sat down back in his seat, ”Did something happen? ”

”Preventing a horrible marriage. ” Angelous chuckled, ”Suppose that can be considered something isn it? ”

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